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  1. whymesadface

    -Will hydrate your skin for the whole day. Absolutely NO dryness. -Has a mild AHA (5% lactic acid) that will help control flakes and even contribute to the prevention and fight with acne. (Not enough to depend on by itself though) -No smell -A lot in one bottle -Pretttttttty thick. You're gonna get pretty fustrated trying to spread this stuff around. -WILL. STING. SO. MUCH. But this subsides in about 30 minutes afterwards, and gets better the more you use it and the more your
  2. whymesadface

    dans new mosturizer

    couldn't agree with you more. old moisturizer was a gift from god. Basically he took out glycerin and replaced it with something that is less prone to irritate/sting/leave a tack, but in turn it does not moisturize for shit. I wish he would just put glycerin in his moisturizer again. This new moisturizer has a LOT of quality ingredients but it just does not moisturize. Goes on well, absorbs fast as shit, and moisturizes.... for 5 minutes. then, try to smile and your fake flakes and is tight l
  3. whymesadface

    sigh moisturizers.

    Whenever I find a moisturizer I want to like(Sticking with lac-Hydrin five now) it does not spread well! It feels really light in your hands, then when you put it on your face its like 'sup not gonna spread for u LOLumad B)?'. Its SO ANNOYING OMG. IS there anyway to get around this?
  4. whymesadface

    I don't really know what to do anymore.

    Thanks for all the feedback. To adress somethings: -I don't eat 'healthy', but i don't eat terribly too. I'd say my habits aren't to bad. However, a strict diet or having to be OCD about everything I eat and drink is absolutely out of the question. -I have read that BP cannot 'get used to and stop working'. So I doubt this is the problem. To the op questioning lazyness, Its definitely possible that I have slacked a bit. I picked up CeraVe and and much more satisfied with how it feels and goes
  5. I've been on the regimen for about a year. And, it worked. It worked, worked worked. It did. After a couple of months, my face was clear. And then Dan released his new moisturizer. I really DON'T want to single this out, but its the only thing I can think of. It is the ONLY thing that has changed in my regimen. As other users have said, it didn't work at all. My dryness, flakiness(even after applying more like directed to) all came back. Discouraged because I knew it wouldn't work, I bought cet