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  1. Planning to overhaul my make up kit and to achieve the more polished "no-make-up face". ✓ 1. Eye Brows - Clinique Superfine line for Brows in Soft brown or Cover Gril Perfect Point Plus in Grey Khaki ✓ 2. Eye Lids - Bare Minerals Primetime Brightening Primer or TooFaced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight. ✓ 3. Lashes - Shiseido Lash Curler. Wishfully wanting the pricey Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base. ✓ 4. Lips - Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Currant or Black Honey or Almost
  2. AM Face Care Regimen Cleanser (Cetaphil, 2x, then massage lips gently to remove flakes) Toner (The gentlest and natural you can find for sensitive skin, free of alcohol and fragrance.) Brumisateur Mineral Water Spray (Evian, Vichy, La Roche Posay) or Hydrating Mist Eye Cream Moisturizer (Clinique DDM Gel or DK, add jojoba oil if desired. Apply while skin is damp and gently to limit friction. Wait 15-20 min to absorb) Vitamin E oil for my lips *if goin out, use a Titanium Dioxide Sunbl
  3. I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.

  4. It's been 13 months since my last enry, as facebook (and recently, Twitter) has completely taken over my life. So, what have I been busy with? .. I have been depressed. Rejections from every job interview I went to, the end of my "paid vacation", mounting bills, possible eviction... Also, Im still obsessing about my complexion, getting more and more sensitive to a lot of products I never was sensitive to before, still jobless (sigh), and still overweight. Because of the dwindling financial res
  5. I think I developed this obsession due to years of watching my mother go through her skin regimen regulary, a day regimen, complete with full make up application and a night regimen, eye cream and all that. She even had a weekly at home facial-mani-pedi service. That went on for 28 years until her and I moved to the US. Im sure she continued this full on regimen back home. I also picked up her habit of using cosmetics from the same brand. After first arriving here, my cousin gave her a tub of th
  6. AM: Cleanser (2x, massage lips gently to remove flakes) Toner/Softener Moisturizer (apply while skin is damp and gently to limit friction. Wait 15-20 min to absorb) Eye Cream Titanium Dioxide Sunblock (apply gently to limit friction and sparingly 2x to control the white cast) Lip balm PM: Cleanser (2x, massage lips gently to remove flakes) Toner/Softener Eye Cream Moisturizer (apply while skin is damp and gently to limit friction. Wait 15-20 min to absorb) AHA (apply gently to limi
  7. Hello! I've decided to create a blog of my obsession out of boredom. I'm doing it here because I thought this was a more appropriate site to express my obsessions on my skin with out judgement and with the same people who are finding themselves in the same situation. Im obsessed with keeping my skin clear of acne, discoloration and wrinkles to a freaky level, my hubby is amused by it. Thank God my husband has not been too upset at the ridiculous amount of money I have "invested" in CVS, Walg
  8. Reply to Dan's request for suggested Moisturizers Clinique DDM Gel is a pretty good one. Pricey though. Olay Sensitive is also good. Both are oil-free, petrolatum-free and fragrance free. But both are so light they don't help with the flakiness in the winter and will start to sting when skin is raw from all the chemical treatments for acne and acids for sloughing dead flaky skin. Cetaphil Moisturising Cream (regular one, none of those SPF and extra stuff) is good for winter dryness bec of the
  9. HappyHappyStarfish

    Fragrance Free, Suds up, Rinses Well None so far. But Im worried about the DMDM Hydantoin. Im not a big on using make-up as my complexion is pretty evenly tone. BUT, Im big on using physical sunblock, Titanium Dioxide particulary even during rainy days. Im using Neutrogena Sensitive SPF 30. I would like a cleanser to help remove sunblock but fragrance free. Clinique Rinse Off Foam was perfect except that it was pricey. So, I've decided to try this one. Not the same obviously but Im liking how
    No petrolatum, no mineral oil, not greasy. Absorbed quickly, no heavy feel. Didn't sting. none so far, I just started using this moisturizer today. Actually, this is my 2nd try. I tried the old formula a couple of years ago and it stung. I was using Differin and the moisturizers I was using (Clinique DDM Gel and Olay Sensitive) was stinging so I tried this one because I was trying to stay away from all that petrolatum and mineral oil based moisturizer. Like I said, it stung. Good thing I only b