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  1. they do make your pimples dry but, at the cost of the rest of your skin. I would let your skin take it's natural course and let your pimples go away on it's own..next time stay away from alcohol, it's bad for your skin and health long term.
  2. Eat meat, and steamed veggies. Stay away from grains, wheat, dairy, and starch. hmm i already only eat meat veg and fruit but still get acne occassionally what exactly is your diet like then? There has to be something wrong with it if your still breaking out...
  3. Today is the fourth day of eating healthy. Yesterday I had some dried fruit but I noticed they were really addicting so I threw all my dried fruit away. Today I ate bakes organic grass fed chicken, a lot of steamed vegetables (carrots, celry, brocolli), 3 peices of fruit ( 2 banannas, 1 asian pear), and a small handful of sunflower seeds, and water. I'm eating mostly veggies throughout the day, meat for dinner, only 3 peices of fruit a day and a small amount of nuts/seeds per day and a l
  4. Before I had acne, I never thought about my skin. So when I had clear skin, I didn't notice I had clear skin because there was nothing on my skin to look at or to point to, my skin was blank. When you have it, you don't realize it. I thought my skin was just "normal" and that's how everyones skin is suppost to be and the people that have acne are just the "weird" ones, ironic isn't it...now I'm the weird person who has acne.
  5. I use any foundation as long as it's liquid and matches my skin tone. The key is application. I stipple my foundation on with a stipple brush and it creates a flawless airbrushed finish using as little amount of foundation as possible, this way your pores don't get blocked and your discolorations fade away. Look on youtube about "stippling" it's imo, the best way to apply foundation to make it look really natural, esp. if you have bad skin texture since this method lets you use a very small
  6. Yes, natural sugar can cause acne. Every body is different, try cutting off the fruits (or consuming low GI ones) ans fats for a couple of weeks and see what happens. the problem with that is that I need calories. I kind of want to gain a little weight while im doing this acne diet. Not a huge concern but a bonus, if I can Not sure if the link will work, but yeah. I wouldn't want to go on a diet that forbids me from eating fruits (it doesn't seem like the body is totally healed either, if wh
  7. During the week u eat various foods I suppose, so how do u know which one did make your skin breaking out? Trial and error and restrictive diets. Shortly after eating starchy vegetables I notice a huge amount of new pimples within days. Once I eat healthy non-acne causing foods, I notice that I stop getting breakouts and my old ones start to dry up.
  8. Oh and btw, girls care more about personality than looks. Trust me. Lol. Not only girls, but boys can also be super-SUPERficial. I guess it's a type of pple. Gender has nothing to do with it.
  9. omg YES. It's the worst feeling ever. Once time I went with a friend to the mall, and she got hit on by all the guys while they didn't even look at me or ask for my name, they treated me as if I wasn't existing. It makes me want to be so perfect looking that I get all the attention from guys. I remember when I used to have a tan and it made my skin look great and literally everywhere I went guys would hit on me. One summer day, I remember walking to the grocery store and one guy lifted his w
  10. its not scarring if it is pigmentation, the dark pigment fades with time. I used murads body spray for body acne and it cleared my arm acne and it took about 2 years for the redness to go away.
  11. I DONT WANT TO START A NEW THREAD SO IF SOMEONE READS THIS: CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME IF IT'S OK TO COOK ORANGES? I soaked my chicken in orange juice & lemon juice & ghee (butter) & herbs/spices, and baked it in a pan with the orange juice mixture. It turned out amazing and so sweet. But IS IT BAD TO COOK FRUIT? I've never cooked fruit before and wondering if it is ok/healthy for acne prone skin. Thank you very much.
  12. With me, it takes within a week to get new breakouts from eating bad food. Since your trying to clear your skin, it's best to let your skin breathe...go without makeup! Just in the mean time, while you are trying to clear your skin..I know I cannot live the rest of my life without wearing any makeup.
  13. Focus more internally than externally, maybe try cutting out starchy vegetables and grains and wheat..those also can contribute to acne. Natural topical solutions are great but, they won't really do much, they aren't strong enough to fight acne. I think what you eat is the most important.
  14. Trust me, I have problems with dry skin and still get pimples in my t-zone. Acne can survive on dry skin. But why do you think fruit is bad? I've been reading a bit about how a lot of diets cut out fruit completely. I also read that bannanas have a very large amount of sugar in them, is that why you are avoiding them? Can natural sugar cause acne?! Well too much fat I know will cause acne, I only eat a tiny bit each day, even fat from nuts can break me out so I limit them to a small amou
  15. I cut out refined sugar completely...I don't really crave it since fruit is really sweet enough, esp. dried fruit
  16. I wasn't tempted at all to eat rice, bread, or junk food today..I think I am finally getting over my desire for rice and other grains. My desire for bread and cheese is already completely gone. I still have a desire for dried fruit and nuts (which is pretty healthy-unless I see breakouts in the near future). Today I am eating baked chicken with orange and lemon glaze and steamed veggies (carrots, brocolli, celry, with ghee (clarified butter meted on top and the juice from the oven baked chic
  17. I personally cut my squash into little hexagon shapes, maybe several centimeters thick, and 1 or 2 inches wide. I use butter and saute them over the stove top. I usually do candied squash and candy it with brown sugar (you can also add marshmellow). Just saute it until it is a nice soft consistency, not that long. You can leave the top on and let it steam and saute at the same time. You still eat sugar? Sounds good, last time I cooked it I just put the whole thing in the oven w/o chopping i
  18. thanks i will try it. Btw, do you know how to roast squash?? I have a squash in my house that I have no idea how to cook it, when i put it in the oven it just burns and thats it! I also bought some freeze-dried fruit that taste sooo amazingg. They were expensive though./
  19. yeah...i think it caused you to connect with him better
  20. maybe it works by drying out your skin/stripping your skin of its natural oil
  21. I stopped going outside before 6p.m. instead of using a sunblock. But if I wear sunblock it has to be from zinc oxide, the oxibenzate (sp?) is a uv absorber wich is suppost to be damaging to your DNA, while uv reflector sunscreens like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are considered the best. (I've done some research about it because I have caucasian white skin that can get damaged by the sun very easily so I'm really strict on what sunscreens I use.) I also use jojoba oil, it takes a while t
  22. today is my third day being raw vegan. yesterday i had cole slaw, bananas, avacado, asian pear, small amount of sunflower seeds, grapefruit, rasberries, and water. Today I'm going to have a fresh young coconut that has gotten ice cold in the frigerator. Right now I'm looking for baked chicken recipes and steamed veggie recipes...