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  1. I totally agree. After I workout (running) I feel so much better...and it does make my skin more glowing and healthy looking. I try to go to the gym whenever I actually get to eat enough proteinnn. I just don't like how everyone at the gym always stares at you and what your doing.
  2. I agree. I think it's cute when guys have 1 or 2 pimples. Not a full face of acne, but I definitely don't mind a couple of pimples And on topic: Acne can definitely have an impact on establishing a relationship. But if an established bf/gf dumps you because you're getting acne, to hell with that! Your ex sounds like a vain b**ch. What a hurtful and petty comment. True relationships are based on much more than attraction same here, i have never liked guys that have perfect skin...I'd rather
  3. Great idea, ill try that next time i wear makeup. I wish there was some food that can blend in with the skin! but i use a tiny bit of foundation when i do wear it cuz of how bad it is for you skin
  4. When i was sketching a portrait of myself, someone said "haha that doesn't look like you, you made yourself pretty hahaha". My mom said this after i took off my makeup "now your ugly again" My dad said "you look fat and ugly" My friend said "To be honest, I don't think your pretty, i just think your skinny". The worst was when i went to the mall with my ex-best friend and these guys came up to us and they only talked to her and asked her questions, they didnt even LOOK at me, it was like i
  5. well if its a guy, who cares about their skin, i like them if they have a good personality...but for girls, its another story. guys date a girl 95% on looks alon, personality wise: they just dont need to be annoying or an air head.
  6. I feel like a monster, I looked close up in the mirror today and i cried at how ugly i was. I just want to break my mirror and curse the day i ever got acne because of all the scars it left me with. I feel like im never going to get married or pursue anything in life because of the quality of my skin. I thought about dying alot, and how i just want to end all the suffering...
  7. How do you tell if it has high SF factor? My honey is raw (no pasteurization, etc) and homemade by a couple I know. Just used it again last night and by morning the offending areas were drastically better. Honey has proven consistently effective for me. it just said on the bottle of honey...as long as its raw honey it will work the most effectively
  8. thats true, i remember using it for manay months and my red marks stayed the same..i dont know why all the reviews are raving about it. But it did help my new red marks heal faster, it didn't do anything to the old ones
  9. I realized that mine have faded with time, which im really happy about. I realized it when i looked at my NEW redmarks..the new red marks are reallyy flushed red, and my really old ones that are two years old kinda blend together with my skin and aren't noticable. I think it's because my diet is healthy and I drink lots of water but people have their own opinion about it.. I also saw a video of a dermotologist saying that the red marks are only red because skin is red when the red blood cells a
  10. Lol this sounds really weird but, to avoid the harmful chemicals in the makeup products today I was thinking that food could be used as makeup. For example, whenever I cook beets and chop them up my hands always get bloodshot red and won't even come off when i was my hands so wouldn't it be a good lip color or blush? And I tried putting honey on my lips and it looked like really reallyy good gloss except it comes off really easily by me eating it. And whenever I peel eggplants my hands get dyed
  11. I also heard that manuku honey with a high (Sf?) factor heals red marks also...I want to try it since it's natural and my red marks have already faded with time.
  12. Potatoes break me out for some reason....like really badly. And doesn't kombucha have alcohol in it? I was always scared to drink it because of the alcohol content, i dont know if it's good or bad
  13. maybe not microscopic, but they are REALLY tiny and covering my entire face
  14. I cleared all my active pimples with my diet..but my skin still doesn't look clear. When the sun light shines on the side of my face when I tilt my head I can see microscopic bumps covering my entire face. They are like raised tiny bumps scattered and only visible when the sun light hits my face. My face surface doesn't look smooth at all and I dont know why...what is it and how do u get rid of it?
  15. That's true, they think their skin is what skin is SUPPOST to look like...and that everyone who has acne is just "weird"
  16. I have never had nice skin since I had freckles since i was little...
  17. I never text a guy first no matter what, i always let them start the text...and i text really slow so they wont think i like them that much
  18. I disagree, if i had perfect skin im pretty sure i would be happy. Sometimes I look at people in the grocery store that have perfect skin and think to myself "If i was them, i would be jumping up and down smiling and yelling to the world how happy i am.
  19. Did you eat the pre-made raw meals? or dehydrated fruit veggies? Cuz the raw vegan diet got rid of all my acne but i broke out when i ate the pre-made raw food...I think it only works if you eat raw fruits or raw vegetables plain
  20. I break out when ieat potatoes and beans...
  21. Wow thats so crazy, I just logged in to the "Nutrition & holistic health" board so I can ask "what food actually tastes good that wont break you out" lol. This is the second time it hapeenedd...
  22. LiveLaughFart

    It worked, got rid of blackheads and whiteheads -got rid of the gunk in my pores none I used this twice. It loosened up a BIG blackhead on my nose and i was able to pluck it completely out (including the yellow/white stuff strapped beneath the blackhead) with tweezers. It got rid of the gunk clogging my pores so my nose can look more clean. After I used it i put an astringent so my pores can close up. I'm just happy I don't have any visible blackheads anymore. I will continue usi