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  1. Painfully true! When I was in Russia my skin wasn't so bad and I haven't seen that much pple with acne. Yeah, especially fast food. It's not even real food because it's so manipulated and so far away from nature. I'm so mad at my parents for feeding me that crap when I was little. Now, I make everything from scratch and eat nothing from restraunts or pre-made.
  2. I use vaseline body oil, I have very dry skin and it's the only thing that doesn't feel thick, it glides on my skin really smoothly and softens my skin after a few days use, and it doen't wipe off like jojoba oil. You can always mix in sunblock with your moisturizer, that's basically what they do to moisturizers with spf, it just has sunblock mixed in with it. I recommend zinc oxide sunscreen, or titanium dioxide, it's the best thing you can do for your skin, stay away from the "oxywhatever"
  3. Try the wai diet for 2 weeks...and see what happens. I did a diet similar and it cleared me everytime.
  4. It takes a lot of time to get used to and you have to eat healthy food that taste good to you. It took me a long time to get off cheese and bread but, now I don't crave it at all anymore..I used to be addicted to it, now I can look at it when my family is eating it, and not have any desire for it. I don't cheat because I think about how depressed I was with acne and I just don't think it's worth it, plus I don't crave cake anymore because I get my sweet tooth fixed with a fruit salad recipe I
  5. I'm really happy for you As I said in another post, if the whole world would go Wai + raw veggies (like you), the world would be so much better already Yeah my diet is really similar to the wai diet...I haven't eaten any cooked veggies. All of the food I have been eating was raw and fresh, except the ACV, olives, and raisins. But your diet allows dried fruit right? And I recently cut out olives because they are too salty and addictive. I have been eating soooo much fruit these past weeks, lik
  6. Bad Bad Bad idea. Your skin is uber sensitive to the sun when you use BP and epecially after laser treatment, that's just asking for melasma.
  7. This is so true. Girls are set to such a high standard of beauty, we have to have clear, unblemished skin with no detail to be "feminine". While guys can have "Cool" battle scars and have a scarred up face and still look hot. At least we can wear makeup, and trick these dumb guys. They would have no idea cuz all they is is "ooooh pretty colors and shiny hair." They don't know all the products we have to use to get the perfect look guys want. We have to deal with shaving so we don't have hair whe
  8. I learned all the trigger foods from researching this site, and sure enough they cause acne anytime I ate them. I just notice breakouts within a few days after eating an acne trigger. And I don't eat out at restraunts, only places that have a sald bar.
  9. Yes, mainly fruits and vegetables and nuts/seeds. I don't have a problem with meat causing acne as long as it's organic but, I just dislike meat for many reasons so I take vitamins/suppliments instead. I don't get hungry at all because the food I eat taste good to me. I eat a variety of my favorite fresh fruit. The salad I make tastes good because it's a mix of different greens, and olives, avacadoes, and heated ACV plus other raw vegetables or fruit I feel like eating. Theres a lot of possibili
  10. Simply because it tastes better. I don't like the bitter taste of raw ACV, even though it's healthier, I would rather make my salad taste desirable so I can eat more of it. So in this case, pasturized ACV works out healthier for me because it makes me eat more green leafy veggies. It also doesn't affect my acne at all so I am ok w/ eating it. Will do That's great that your acne is gone too. I know, I thought it would take months for it to go away but it just suddenly stopped as soon as I got r
  11. I avoided wheat, grains, dairy, eggs, beans/legumes, starchy vegetables, root vegetables, midnight shade vegetables, cooked vegetables, peanuts, soy, iodized salt, high iodine food, pre-made raw "junk food", and refined sugar/artificial sugar. I also cut out meat and fish because of personal preference and replacing it with suppliments/vitamins. I had persistent moderate acne and sudden back acne (which also went away). I eat a wide variety of fruits, and eat my vegetables raw. I eat a lo
  12. ^ You're welcome, just follow your gut on what you think is right..we know our bodies better than anyone else. The posting new topics thing isn't wrking so I guess I'll ask on here....I want to stop eating meat, it's a hassle for me and I dislike the taste of meat and it makes me feel tired after I eat it. Do you guys think it would be at all healthy to take a multivitamin instead? I'm aware that the fruit and vegetables in todays world are not as healthy as they used to be so that's ano
  13. Actually, your diet is not healthy judging by what you have eaten. Beans are extremely starchy and cause acne. The corn and flour in your corn tortillas cause acne. V8 is not a very healthy drink, it's pasturized with a lot of preservatives, it's only benefit is that it's easy to digest. Everyone on this planet who gets pimples, will have a red mark no matter what, when your red pimple flattens, new skin can not just pop up right away and be flesh-toned, it takes a lot of time for a pimple to c
  14. grapes, banannas, water, clams. My skin is clearing...all the pimples/zits are gone. But my skin still looks like crap because of the redness, scars, and tiny bumps...at least I can wear makeup now and look somewhat normal. I'm actually looking for a job now that my skin is clear...it was actually the first thing I did when I noticed my skin clearing. Now I can have money comin' in and buy good quality ORGANIC chicken to put in my salads.
  15. You can. You just have to change your definition of "treat".... chemical/gluten/soy filled processed crap is not a "treat"... Change the way you think about these things and realize you can have "treats" whenever you want. A treat is a bite of raw, organic chocolate. It's a scoop of homemade vegan ice cream. It's a sweet slice of pineapple. (or anything else you can make out of the foods your body will tolerate). You have to get creative. Stop wanting crap and you'll realize you aren't missing
  16. banannas, grapes, water, and really terrible tasting clams. If anyone knows any good clam recipes pleaseee tell me cuz they taste disgusting!! Clams have iodine so I will wait and see if it will break me out but, I really need the B12 and iron in it because I think I may be anemic. So far I have literally only one tiny pimple on my face, and it's on my lip caused by a blackhead coming to a head. Sooooo I'm basically free from acne..and can finally try out different food to see what will cause
  17. I agree with most of the people on here. It's easy to think diet doesn't cause acne when you look at all the people that eat junk and still have perfectly clear skin. It's just their genetics. I have an idea that it is due to the diet of your previous generations that affect the gene pool. People who have ansestors that ate a very clean diet have very strong acne-free genetics and people that have only been introduced to the standard american diet for one or two generations, it is not enou
  18. I'm never gonna get a tan...I don't even go outside before 5p.m. because I don't want my skin to age. I have white skin so the sun can really age me in a matter of just a few years.
  19. If you say you have severe acne then I think that girl would have to have been staring at your skin...Because it's human nature to want to look at something unusual, and severe acne is not very common. She's probably wondering a lot of thoughts about you and feeling pity for you. I am not trying to be mean but, it is just human nature. I once saw a lady with lupus or something on her face and I couldn't help but to stare at her. But in a relationship, girls don't really care at all how you l
  20. So yesterday I was feeling really depressed about my skin. I have always been frustrated about my skin because I never knew exactly why it looks so bad even though I only have like 1 small pimple currently. I was so extremely depressed yesterday that I went to my garage and cried in the middle of the night because I couldn't sleep since I was stressed out about my skin. But, when I went back to my room I saw a hand mirror. It's the kind that is two-sided and one side is regular and the other sid
  21. Yes, water hydrates your skin. Drink a lot of it everyday for a month. But dry skin can be caused by the things you put on your face, face washes/exfoliators, wind, the cold, a lot of factors. But i think for you it would have to be because of what products you are using on your face. Most people with an acne issue seem to use a lot of products that are completly unneccessary and put your skin in a much worse condition. Avoid face washes, they don't "clean" your face, they make it easier for bac
  22. why you dont eat meats? I would worry about red pepper, its rich in vitamin A and i havent read about people having problems with it I just think it's unhealthy in general even if it doesn't cause breakouts, because nightshade vegetables leach out the calcium in your bones. I do eat meat, just not eggs, and the meat has to be organic.