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  1. Tonito

    SIMPLE GENTLE SOFT FEELING CLEANSES SKIN VERY WELL NONE I have been searching for a GENTLE cleanser that cleanses skin very well. Most gentle cleansers didn't clean my skin enough. I have super sensitive skin to top it off. I saw a review for this cleanser on youtube--I'm glad I took a chance with this product. It's so gentle, lathers nicely, leaves my skin feeling clean and so soft. And my skin wasn't irritated at all! If all you need is a cleanser, I say get this!
  2. Tonito

    --SOFTER SKIN --BRIGHTER SKIN --MORE EVEN COMPLEXION --HEALTHY GLOW --RED REDUCING --CALMS YOUR FACE --MESSY IF YOU USE TOO MUCH -STICKY IF NOT COMPLETELY WASHED OFF I absolutely love honey. I came across an article online about this remedy. I'm so glad to have found it. I feel so silly bringing honey into the restroom, but the results are so worth it. Check it out, this is all I do: Put enough to coat my entire face, leave it on for 15 mins (I usually w
  3. Tonito

    Covers great Blends well None I have very acne prone and oily skin. I have uneven skin tone and dark spots. I started wearing MAC products to cover my problem areas. This stuff is amazing! Covers nicely, it blends perfectly. Makes your skin look flawless with other MAC products that are matched to your skin tone. If you take care of your face, MAC products won't break you out. Just have the MAC counter girls/guys show you how to put it on, then you'll be set. And a little goes a long way.
    Not greasy Fast absorbing Makes skin healthier None! I absolutely love this lotion. I use every day. It's not greasy at all. My skin feels so smooth and looks radiant. My skin looks better than a lot of the girls I work with. I use immediately after showering. I even put this on my face at night--my face looks great when I wake up. I have really oily skin and this doesn't add to it. I live in Tucson, AZ and I don't sweat it off at all with temps of 110+. It smells so delicious. I threw
  4. Tonito

    Works in the beginning Dries out the skin! I loved it at first, but the more I used it the more it burned my skin. The skin around my nose and under my mouth was extremely irritated. I felt it did more damage than good to my face. When I put it on at night, I noticed that my pillow cases were bleached in the morning. Something that strong that can bleach your pillow cases while you're sleeping on them should not be used on your face! It's expensive and you have to pay monthly. It's no bueno.
  5. Tonito

    Cleared skin Dried out my skin Burned my skin This product has a great smell and lathers pretty well. It cleared up my skin pretty quickly, but the more I used it the more my skin became irritated. My skin burned, even when my face had been moisturized. Does it work, yes, but it dries out your face terribly.
  6. Tonito

    Very moisturizing Not to be used during the day! I was told to use EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and I'm glad I did. I love it. It's inexpensive and moisturizes great. The trick is to use a little. Less is more. I was also told to use this as a cleanser...I did and won't do that again. It didn't make me break out more (which surprised me), it just works better as a moisturizer. In the morning my skin looks healthier. I definitely use this at night. Yeah, don't use this during the day!
    Great smell Dried out skin I so wanted this product to work. St. Ives has great products. I got this and tried it for a couple weeks and didn't see any difference. I'm sure this is great for those with less troubled skin. But it smells good...that's all I can say for this product.
    None Dries out face Doesn't clean face I was hoping this product would be that this-is-it one, but it wasn't. It did nothing for my face. If anything, my face felt dirtier as time went on because it doesn't cleanse well enough. I would give it a negative 10 if I could.
  7. Tonito

    Love the feel of the product None I used to use this product a lot more when I was younger. Back then I didn't break out and never needed to exfoliate. But now that I'm older and my skin is more problematic, this product doesn't work all the great. Some people think this stuff exfoliates well, but I don't think it does it enough. I use sugar, honey, and cinnamon mixed together and that has cleared up my skin more than this. But it's still a good product for less problematic skin.
  8. Tonito

    Smells good Feels good Drying Too soapy I saw this in an email. I had to try it because everyone says tea tree oil is good for the skin. It ended up feeling like a fancy soap for my hands rather than my face. Nice, but didn't work for me.
  9. Tonito

    None Didn't work This product was weird for me. I was fed up with using all my other products so I found this. I used it for a couple weeks and noticed a big fat nothing! My zits and blackheads were still there, they also worsened a little. This product is weak. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a very LIGHT face wash.
    Nice smell Leaves skin feeling clean DRIES OUT BAD! This product is nice...nice to look at but not use! It dried out my skin so bad that my face was red under my chin and under my nose. The redness I could deal with, but the painful dry skin. My skin is overly oily and to go from one extreme to the other shocked my skin. It took a couple weeks for the redness and irritation to go away.
  10. Tonito

    Leaves my skin fresh and clean Dries out skin! I love the way this product feels, but after using it on the regular it dried out my skin terribly. I had to stop using it.
  11. Tonito

    Tingle sensation Frothy Didn't work for long Nice product. I love the feeling of the tingly sensation. After a while this product had no effect on my acne. So I had to stop using it.