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  1. I've been trying not to pick my face (aren't we all) & I just had my first incident in a couple of weeks. I picked at a barely noticeable clogged pore that wasn't inflamed and now it and about a dime size around it are super red and inflamed. I usually put a little tea tree on top and then after the pore crusts over a little I put Vaseline over top of the area. I was wondering what other people on here did to help prevent infection and scaring from their skin picking episodes. I'm always loo
  2. I've been on varying degrees of retin-a/tretinoin for 2 years for Mild-Moderate acne. I've tried both the name brand and generic. Acne got better for awhile but never completely went away. Lowest isn't strong enough and the two stronger ones are too harsh on my skin. I'm currently on the lowest strength but it doesn't completely get rid of all my acne and I'm just tired of my pimple-redmark cycle. It also still makes my skin flaky after 8 months of use. I've had acne for the longest time (~10
  3. I'm lactose intolerant so I have no dairy. I avoid processed and fast foods. I also drink only water and tea with the exception of smoothies.
  4. I've had acne for about 10 years now. It started off as very mild around the age of about 11 or 12 and now at age 22 it is at its worse and I'd describe it as moderate focused mainly on the chin/ mouth area with occasional pimples on the sides of my face. I've literally tried almost everything but birth control pills and accutane. I'm currently on the generic form of retin-a .025% and clyndamicin and have been on some form of both of them for almost a year and a half now. I was first on retin-a
  5. So my first official week in my plan is going well. I have not attempted to pick or squeeze any bumps without a head. Its annoying because i just got 3 new ones -_- One is right in between my eyebrows. I'm kind of excited for it to get a head and I'm hopping it forms before bed so i can pop it... This is not what I should be thinking but it is what has been going through my head all day long. I'm going camping this weekend and i really don't need these new inflamed bumps. It is so frustrating. I
  6. I'm having great difficulties in not popping/picking at my whiteheads. I have been successful in not picking/popping larger pimples. This whole not picking thing is not going as planned and is much harder than I first anticipated. I guess because I have been doing it for so long it'll take a lot longer to ween off, so quiting cold turkey was not the best idea. I'd compare it to a long time smoker trying to quit smoking in a day and never doing it again. It seems close to impossible. I'm going to
  7. I think I've been looking at my failure of yesterday all the wrong way & I want to shed some positive light on it. I've had 4 giant pimples on my cheeks (3 on left 1 on right) for over a week now & I have not squeezed or touched any of them and they are slightly fading and going away. So despite me going ape shit on my many various whiteheads & blackheads (which were popped with very little pressure in a sanitary way and disinfected after) I've been very good about my other forms of
  8. I failed today. I broke down and started aimless picking at the flakes on my face which led to me taking it further and popping a few whiteheads.... This means I am back to square one and have to start my 5 day challenge over again. BIG LE SIGH. I'll do a longer update tomorrow and I feel bad for not putting a lot of time into this one but I really want to get back to bed. <3
  9. So, I have just successfully washed my face looked at myself in the mirror and not picked anything. This is very huge. I always pick after i remove my makeup and before washing my face. My trick was to no look at myself too long in the mirror & to not look super close. Avoiding mirrors for long period of time is going to be crucial to me not picking. One day down, 4 to go
  10. I'm not even halfway through my first day and I've already tried to pick off a crusty dead skin with a scab in the middle. Luckily I didn't go through with or I'd be back to square one. This is going to be difficult but I know it is worth it. I have little scabs all over my face from last nights extreme picking relapse, but i only have 1 big active underground zit on my left cheek, 3 big fading ones 2 on my left and 1 on my right and then a couple small pimples along my jawline. I also have a fe
  11. Hi guys, I've decided to create this blog in order to motivate myself (& hopefully others) to stop picking! I've recently within the last month admitted to myself that I have a problem. I pick at my skin, specifically my acne. I've done it since I can remember. It sprouts from some idea in my head that if I somehow pop the zit and drain it, the pimple will go away faster. This is obviously not the case & I'm left with scabs & red marks. I'm hurting my skin & most likely causing n
  12. I think I accidentally got some retin-a micro on my under eye area and now i have a dry,red,irritated,& slightly puffy rash in the area where it got on. Will it just go away on its own or will i have to put some kind of cream on it to make it go away?
  13. I'm on retin-a micro & my mineral makeup just isn't cutting it(i use everyday minerals). It makes every single flake/peel/dry patch so much more noticeable. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good foundation that doesn't accentuate every little flake. I'm open to all types of foundation just as long as it isn't known to cause breakouts
  14. I'm so glad I found someone on the forums who is really similar to me & that is on a very similar regimen to mine. You are quite a bit further along than me though, I'm only on my 4 week and am having my first real horrible breakout. I have never had it this bad in my entire 20 years on this earth 8 of which have been consumed by some form of acne in varying severity. Your pictures show improvement so it gives my a lot of hope. I'm on retin-a micro, solodyn, & clindamycin, I also have ex