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  1. How does this help anyone? What's the name of the product, what's in it?
  2. do you consume dairy? Cheeses, milk, chocolate with it, etc? By stopping dairy I had better results than Accutane. also read my post: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/363908-wow-major-success-how-to-do-it/
  3. Since I started drinking a strong rooibos tea because I wanted a drink without caffeine, I started noticing that my face cleared up. Even when I get acne, it's barely noticeable. I researched online and found that it has lots of strong antioxidants that prevent free radicals from damaging your skin and giving an opportunity for acne bacteria to strike. I didn't even believe that antioxidants can have any kind of noticeable effect before. I say you should drink 4-6 cups of tea when I was drink
  4. It can take a few weeks or more to after completely stop drinking teas and notice an effect from my experience
  5. I was a heavy tee drinker for a long time and I always had skin problems, I finally stopped for two weeks after realising that my friend (who had zero acne) is eating almost the same food but he never drinks any tea (where I used to drink it literally after every meal) and now my skin is incredibly clear, the finally straw to do this was finding that green/black tea can affect DHT hormone quite drastically (supposedly it reduces it, which should be a good thing for acne, but my acne was alwa
  6. hi, I don't recommend taking those pills to stop breakouts... what those pills did for me was reduce any acne I already had and fasten the healing, they didn't stop the breakouts, but new ones would heal faster and pimples that appeared were smaller so ultimately those pills were not a solution for me and are overpriced... Those pills are big, I have hard time swallowing any pills but I found that If I rise my head and turn on left on right side (so the pill you are swallowing is not in the m
  7. I can't imagine my skin ever getting used to BP... As I said I tried it for 2-3 times for about 3-5 months and my skin was always burned from bp and red, acne marks did not fade, acne improved but was healing too slow I think topical antiobiotics are not as bad as everybody seems to think here, they are 1000 times less harsh on my skin than 2.5% BP And the only thing that stopped my breakouts was stopping dairy and starting low dose accutane. I didn't eat milk for 3 months now and last weekend I
  8. I think that the message Dan is spreading is wrong. Acne shouldn't be treated this way. I tried to use the regiment and even after 3 months I still had acne and burned skin (my skin did not adjust do BP), I used moisturiser etc.... Acne is inside problem, it's not caused by what's outside. That's why it should only be treated topically as a secondary way to treat acne. I think topical antibiotics like tetracyclin are way better. I know they may cause resistant to antibiotics acne and that
  9. maybe read the regimen?
  10. My answer is Sudocrem - antiseptic healing cream that contains 15% of zinc oxide. Always cures my redness overnight... it's so amazing to deal with redness that I just wanted to share this with you... also it's cheap, speeds up healing of acne, acts as a powerful suncreen if you decide to use it during the day Use it on clean face after you decide that your face is too red and just skip BP for a night. on the bottle it says that it's a treatment for sunburn, minor burns, surface wo
  11. follow instructions here for best results: http://www.acnetreatmentlab.com/acne-scar-treatment-acne-scar-removal-using-copper-peptide/
  12. no, I don't have pics... And those pills alone cannot cure my acne, but as I said, they helped I would also recommend to try and get those ingredients online on china herb shops yourself to save money
  13. Ok, so after all this time, I can tell that this these pills really work. Not as good I would like them to, but they really do help. If you want to clear your skin as fast as possible I would recommend them but they are a bit overpriced. I am sure you could find those ingredients for about 5$ Ingredients: Reed Rhizome, Radix Glycyrrhizae, Radix Paeoniae Rubra , Flos Lonicerae, Anemarrhena Rhizome, Flos Inulae, Radix Scrophulariae, Folium Perillae, . Storage: The bottles should be ti
  14. buy a concealer, that will help you until you find something that works... better than walking with acne
  15. Ok, it's too early to say, but after two days my acne definitely improved - spots are shrinking and painful zits are not painful anymore I also noticed my lips getting a little dry, but that's probably a good thing as my skin is less greasy too. got one new pimple but it's definitely smaller than the ones I used to get before, about 2-3 times and not painful so far happy with this product p.s. I am also using moisturiser with 2% salicylic acid in it... much better for my skin than