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  1. Maybe she could give dermarolling/dermastamp a try. It takes 10 months acc to owndoc but results are slow and steady.
  2. My diet is centered around two of my goals- getting below 6% bodyfat and avoiding acne as much as possible. So here's what it looks like: *At least 1.5 gallons of water a day. Mainly lime water(lime drops in water) and tea(black and green). But I also include protein shakes and electrolyte supplements in this. *There's this thing called SuperReds at trader Joes. Really nice stuff, tastes good and tons of antioxidants and other lovely stuff. *Flaxseed oil caps- 10 a day. Good for skin an
  3. I'd say use makeup. Try to make it as barely noticeable as possible. We're fighting something ongoing and that would take a shi*load of time. Either we can try our best and live in the meanwhile or sit at home and whine about it. I'm currently doing the latter btw, so I need my own advice a lot.
  4. Such a comforting reply to be honest. =) On the other hand, from what I've heard, with women it's mostly about your GAME. Hate to admit it, but it definitely works. I had clear skin, 0 women. Bad skin, some game= decent amount. Some apart from working on my skin, I'm def working on the game aspect as well. You'd be surprised to see how many headturners end up with scarred/acne ridden guys.
  5. This is how it works for me- You do need to live no matter how bad your scarring is. You do need a$$ as a guy. I know this sounds horribly effeminate, but apply really nice makeup with concealer/foundation etc whatever it takes to hide it. Just make sure you dont over do it and it's not visible to the chick. Check it in different lightening to make sure it's consistent.
  6. Sorry to bump it, but do you guys think Dermastamp (1mm and 0.5mm)+ tretinoin 0.1%+ pure vitamin e oil+ AHA souffle+ hydroquinone 4% should help with these scars/pigmentation? There seem to be a ton of smart people lurking on here today. =) PS These pics are in the harshest of lights.
  7. That's really great information. I was wondering what you think of using dermastamp just for increasing permeability of topicals for really shallow box-scars and a lot of PIH. I'm using tretinoin and I've got wide but really shallow scars that are still red. A lot them might even be indented scars. But I'm sure some are.
  8. I'd say you have got great results for a six month period.
  9. That's awesome then. Glad it worked for you. I just wussed out and orderd 0.5mm and 1mm for now. My scars are pretty shallow and there's a lot of discolouration. So I thought those would help me. I plan to do 1mm once every month and 0.5mm once every week. I'm also using a lot of topicals alongside, so hopefully they'll help cos of increased absorption. I guess if scorpion worked jglobalsales should work as well. =) fingers crossed.
  10. You mean the one by S C O rpion? That's the only one I could find. Jeez, why can't reputable companies make some of these.
  11. Exactly. Trust me dude, if it's chicks that you're worried about- I'd say 70% is game, 30% is looks. I didn't believe in this until recently. When I had very clear skin and no scars, I didn't get laid much. Then when I was 18-20, my skin was horrible but I also had a great time with gals cos I didn't care about skin at all. 20-22 I got obsessed with skin and treating it that I forgot to focus on socializing, concentrating on other people etc. Now hopefully that cycle is over. Even though my skin
  12. I'm thinking of buying from them as well. Call me horribly paranoid, but I was wondering if the needles are sterilized and safe as they say they are. I wouldn't want a blood-borne infection(Hepatitis, or worse HIV) by trying to treat my scars. I know HIV doesn't survive in air for more than a few moments but Hep-C virus can for more than 6 months. I wanted a dermastamp and that's the reason I'm thinking of buying from them, else I'd def go to dr roller. The company doesn't seem to have any i
  13. Anyone here could guide me to where I could buy a home use dermastamp? I looked at some on ebay but they looked very plasticy and sketchy. Scientia has one but it's for 90 pounds. A bit overpriced I think, but it's length is adjustable. I was looking for a smaller device so that I can target individual scars better. Any help is thoroughly appreciated.