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  1. I've been dealing with acne on my chin and jawline (and even the throat area) for a few months now. I'm fairly sure the problem is hormonal, but I was never quite sure what I could do. Anyway, I just read up on kidneys and hormones and read that taking aspirin can be rather bad for kidneys (and thus hormone function). I've been taking aspirin almost daily for quite a while now and I was wondering if anyone has had a similiar situation and if easing off the asprin helped (I'm gonna stop for a fe
  2. I've recently been getting pimples my mustache area. They're painless and have no head, so I'm very sure they are not caused by shaving (I shave only once a week, and when I do it's with a trimmer). The only thing that seems to work on them is neo-sporin; on the advice of this topic: http://www.acne.org/...-cystpimplezit/ It works to some degree (I can still feel a bump after the swelling has died down), but I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to avoid these pimples. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the speedy response. No I haven't been to derm; I suspect I have hormonal acne as I'm 18 and my current acne is centered around chin and jawline. I'm gonna try your method for maybe 1 or 2 more days with neo-sporin and hope for the best. Oh, and while I have you, can I ask your thoughts about applying AHA+ on a cyst? I recall trying this various times before, but always kinda stopped prematurely, fearing it would irritate the cyst too much. Thanks.
  4. I had previously used Wynne's method (icing a cyst, applying anti-biotic ointment and band-aid, and taking an anti-inflamatory drug) with moderate success. However lately, it hasn't been working too well. I use polysporin (as opposed to neosporin which I used to use) and take Aleve just as i did before, but now, instead of the cyst dying down, it actually seems to harden and eventually turn in a light brown color (very similar to PIH). All this happens within 1-2 days, so I'm rather hesitant abo
  5. Bump Acne has calmed down a bit since I've been sleeping a bit better. Still would appreciate any advice though. Like if (male) hormonal acne eventually goes away on its own? (once hormones naturally balance I guess...)Thanks.
  6. Hi, I currently have exactly what you described, sudden hormonal cystic acne, and I'm thinking about giving this a shot. I was wondering though, if I could substitute Benefiber (the powder form) for the Husk Psyllium pills? (Benefiber is made of Wheat Dextrin, but it is gluten free). Also, can I take the supplements what you're suggesting along whit what I already take (Fish Oil, Vit E, VIt C, and Calcium)? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the reply and teh baking soda advice, though I'm gonna hang off on anything like that until I can get my cysts under control; BP seems to have little effect on them.
  8. Back story: I'm an 18 year old male and I think I might have hormonal acne but not 100% sure. I was 90% clear in the summer (PIH from the previous months, but few if any active spots). Then in the start of winter, I developed many cysts (5-8?) around my chin and mouth area, as well as annoying pimples on my moustache area, which I do tend to get occasionally. I finally began to heal from that during December. Beginning of January: worst breakout I've had since I've started treating my acne with
  9. Wow, forgot I started this topic. But nonetheless, thanks for all the info and advice.
  10. mods: please delete; decided to move topic to another forum
  11. Thanks for the reply guys. And thanks for the suggestion, cmitchell.
  12. Due to what I think is a hormonal breakout centered around my chin/jaw area, I've decided that shaving with a regular razor may just add more irritation. I'm ready to buy a trimmer, but first I have some questions. Any recommendations regarding what trimmer to buy? I had my eye on this: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004QWST7Y And is it really a less irritating shave? This pic (http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41m6yAWaHaL._AA300_.jpg) makes it seem as if a trimmer shaves close enough to the
  13. After a horrible break-out on my chin a few weeks ago, the area is starting to calm down a bit. However, I seem to have a lot of oil "pellets/beads" around my chin/mouth area. They aren't exactly blackheads (no dark tip), but are similar. I extract them with a tweezer only when it's ready; I gently pick it out without even touching my skin with my hands. However, when I do pick one out, a somewhat deep whole is left behind, and a bit of blood drains out (not nearly as severe as when popping a pu
  14. Yeah clogged pores, I have many of them on both sides of my cheek (around the same area as you) and am currently in the midst of a very bad breakout... If you extract them by hand, chances are they'll keep coming back and eventually they'll turn into a red, swollen whiteheads; the kinds that are actually painful. My advice is to leave them alone (or maybe have a professional deal with them, I have no knowledge on that however) and if they ever do turn into pimples (which may take a long time), w