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  1. Alright well today I was working with a girl from uni who has pretty severe acne scarring and I myself have some to but not as bad as hers. However when I was talking to her in natural lighting it was difficult to make eye contact with her and I didnt want to stare at her face and be rude. I couldnt make eye contact for more then 5 seconds without breaking it. And since I know what its like having these damn pitted scars I now understand why its hard for me to talk to people sometimes and why i
  2. Ugh its one of those days. I saw myself in the mirror with full sun shining on my face and saw how bad my acne scars were. Ive learned to deal with them but its just summertime and the sunlight makes scars look to prevelant. I know summer should be a time to go out but I just cant seem to enjoy it with my face not looking so great in the sunlight. Can anyone else with moderate/severe acne scaring relate. How do you deal with you acne scars in the sun and deal with the emotionally?
  3. To put it this way civilizations have been smoking canibis for thousands of years, and there have neevr been any deaths from overdose of marijuana. HOW the fuck are people going to say it is dangerous in comparison to deaths caused by tobacco and drinking and driving caused by alcohol comsumption. I smoke weed once a week and Im doing well in life. Have a decent job, friends and am currently competling my 3rd year of university. SO overall weed is not bad in my opinion and if anyone feels like t
  4. Lol thanks for the reply guys, I was feeling like I was the only one who felt this way. Acne security your funny . I take care of my self and dress well, like I always stand out of the crowd. Sort of like dressing really well compensates for my bad skin. People tell me Im good looking, like my cousins boyfriend say a pic of me and said I look like brad pitt. I guess my personality sucks even though I smile a lot and try to be friendly and un-judgement of other people. Modasbuse Im down for sex a
  5. I had pretty bad acne, went on accutane and now am left with a few scars. I find that I feel so akward being around people and so self conscious. I was already introverted and now acne scarring makes me feel weird around people. Its hard to explain like people seem put off when they are around me. Even when m an uni at studying at the library, I find random strangers do not want to sit next to me in the study areas or when I take the train it feels really akward sitting around people. I donno ma
  6. I dont wanna sound cliche but it sounds like I wrote this post lol. Alot of people say "o you need self confidence and go talk to people and stop worrying about your face". The only problem is how can you be social when people cant really look at your for long when they are talking to you, due to bad acne scarring? Its hard when no one understands that acne scarring disfigures your face, even though it is not as severe as losing an arm, it is still life altering. Honestly, Ive learned that I can
  7. Wow I really felt good reading the post and everyones replies, which sounds weird. You know why I felt good, its because its nice to know that I'm not the only one stuggling with this issue. I had severe acne went on accutane and now am left with the scars and redness. I sometimes feel socially akward acround people because all I seem to focus on is how they preceive me. I have to commute on a train to university in a downtown core so Im constantly in close range with people. Especially on the t
  8. Thanks for the reply guys and taking time to read what I wrote. I really appreciate your input
  9. I have mild red marks after finishing acctutane a few years ago and I wonder sometimes if girls look at me since they find me attractive or is it because of the acne. Its hard to tell because I am alot more confident after my acne has disappeared. Im a decent looking guy (not to boast or anthing) but its hard to tell if attractive girls are "checking" me out or if they are staring at my face because of acne.
  10. LOL thats so funny, I came here today for that same reason. Im a guy with a few acne red marks and I use make-up to conceal them. I came here to talk about this issue. Honestly I hate having to wear the make-up and it makes the acne worse and feels bad for your skin when you put it on. Its actally made my skin worse, but I dont rely on it to hide some of the inperfections. Im going to gradully reduce the amount I wear and try to fix the problem of red marks instead of convering them up, but I kn