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  1. Glad its getting better for you breetard89 , iv started accutane to , on my 12th day and things are quite annoyin with really dry an red skin but im tryin to get through it to ! goodluck agen!
  2. Goodluck missbliss , i started accutane 11 days ago now lol, i think im gettin a slight IB at this time but its weird because they look like there drying up really weird leaving scabby things lol, but ooh well shud work in the end ! check my log if u can goodluck ageen!
  3. Day 11 - just took my 11th pills and side effects are still the same.. Verry dry skin , lips have seemed to got better tho not sure why, feeling more tired recently tho whether thats from training more or accutane i dont know , Btw i am on 40mg a day for 8 weeks to see how i get on with it and my sports and i weigh 190lbs so it is quite low i guess? !
  4. thanks Crystal , yeh i will keep updating as much as possible , yeah moisturizin has become annoyin my face is soo dry , especialy around my mouth and chin ! Good luck with your tane when you start very shortly now !
  5. Good luck man skins looking better alredy , im on my 10th day now 40mg a day and im getting a proper itchy scalp aswell bro im guessing its from the accutane aswell lol!
  6. Helloo acne.org basically iv started accutane on the 26th of april but i only managed to get round to getting my password back today, but its only a week and a bit in so not to much has happened yet . Basically abit about my story, i started to get acne mildly up from the age of 13 till about 16ish then it started to get slightly worse and now i am 18 it has gotten pretty bad in such a short space of time lol its crazzzy . I was abit hesitant to get on accutane as some of the side effects lik
  7. Good Luck your skins looking great , hope to start on this stuff soon.. once ive got my letter from the derm