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  1. Its been 6 months after my treatment ended and almost 8 months since I've had a spot! My skin is amazing, always glowing and this is despite sometimes not washing off my make up (very bad but I've only done that a few times!). Accutane is the best thing I've ever taken and I hope my skin stays like this for as long as possible. Product wise I have been using Simple face wash which takes off my make up as well. I love simple products and use an olay moisturiser. At night I apply vitamin e oil. I'
  2. My skin has been perfect! The only problem is that it is still very sensitive. Last night I used clinique's face wash and it caused a huge red rash on my face. I'm going to stick to cetaphil!
  3. Life is soooooo much better after Accutane. I cannot explain to you how much energy I have and how great it is not to have horrible, cracked dry lips! 8 days after I stopped accutane my lips became 75% better. Despite the derm telling me that it would take 6 weeks for accutane to leave my system and the side effects to cease, I feel like it only took me about 2-3 weeks. My skin is pretty perfect! I've had no spots for 3 months and even though it wasnt very oily before, I'm suffering from no g
  4. So apart from my arms being really dry and flaky, I seemed to have developed a blocked pore on the lef hand side of my face. It should turn into a small white head like spot but its just sitting there all red and its been a week. Perhaps it got blocked because I've been using concealer a few times a week. Anyway I really hope it goes and I'm off roaccutane in 10 days like planned!
  5. I have 3 weeks to go on roaccutane and I cannot wait to be off it!! I can't wait for the moisture to return to my lips, eyes and nose, I also miss the grease in my hair because its very dry with out it. I'm seriously done with being dry and as soon as I'm off roaccutane the red marks on my face will begin to heal. Does any one have any questions about roaccutane? If so I'll be happy to answer them. I wish I had the guts to show you the pictures I took whilst on the medication but I am too s
  6. My skin has been 100% clear since around June 20th! My cheeks are however, still red and rosy. I love the results and just use a bit of foundation to cover the red marks. I saw my derm yesterday and he as immediately pleased with my skin, and said I will be off Accutane next month!!! So I have exactly 4 weeks to go! I'm pleased to say that my skin looked amazing on my University graduation and that I will be off accutane before I start grad school in late september!
  7. I havent had a spot in weeks! Yay.
  8. everythings clear and lovely! Havent had a spot in over 2 weeks. Fingers crossed itll continue!
  9. Al lovely and clear here. Apart from my red marks my skin is looking glowy and lovely.
  10. hot.tahiti

    Day 104!

    Hi all! My skin is looking 100% clear. On saturday evening I notice a red patch on my cheek and this developed into a spot but the white headed bit went away 2 days later and now I just have a red mark. With foundation (which covers up my red marks) my skin looks perfect! Accutane is finally kicking in and I'm so happy! My lips are still dry and my skin is very sensitive- I don't like wearing jeans because they make my legs itchy. Also my eyes are very dry and red. Apart from that I'm so
  11. I've noticed a lot of people talking about the products they recommend for fellow users of accutane but after seeing a new derm yesterday I was told to keep my regime as simple as possible. This means using a mild oil free cleanser and if needed a light oil free moisturiser. Do not scrub or use a mixture of different products like face masks ect. This is because your skin is highly sensitive and scar-prone when on accutane. My skin has been a lot better since my last post. I have red marks fr
  12. Thank you so much! I feel a lot more confident now.
  13. I envy you users of accutane that don't have to go through the horrendous initial breakout that has been plaguing me for the last 2 months. IB has made sure that I have at least one large cyst on my acne ridden face as if the dozens of scars, small white headed pimples and redness weren't enough to make me spend at least 20mins prepping my face prior to venturing outside my house. Accutane is definitely running through my blood but instead of soothing and healing my skin its causing havoc and en
  14. Well nothing really new to report, I still have acne and my cheeks still have a unnatural rosy tint to them. my forehead doesn't seem to be calming down either although my chin in clear. My derm says I should start seeing results now so fingers crossed!
  15. Also I haven't seen my derm for 2 months....quite worrying but my appointment is next week. I think I'm fine physically but I really want to see the derm for encouragement, my IB has gone on for almost 1 and half months now and I want him to tell me if its working!