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  1. @cvd: thanks for the tips! i will surely do this.. it's been only 9 days since i started using azelex so i should be more patient. the doctor said it would take 2 months before the meds would take effect. thanks again for the advice. godbless =)
  2. thanks crystal_willow =) i was really inspired when i read your post about your battle with acne. actually i'm seeing a dermatologist right now( good thing my husband has an insurance and i'm automatically carried) and the derma recommended azelex for 2 months. it's been 9 days since i started using azelex cream, i can see that some of my acne flattened, but i noticed some zits growing everyday though my old zits were gone. so im kinda confused if azelex is really helping. or maybe im just impa
  3. hi guys, do you think azelex cream is also the same with finacea or azelex is much stronger or potent than finacea? thanks in advance..
  4. hi everyone, i just wanna share my experience since i've been so depressed for the past few weeks because of my acne. actually i started to have zits on my face when i was 13 years old, and since i was young by that time and my zits do come and go, i didn't do anything until when i was in college i started having breakouts again. I tried OTC products, some of them controlled my zits but after a while it will go back and i also learned how to apply foundation make up. I realized maybe the cosmeti
  5. Hi im planning to take this also and my usual bp is 90/60, just want to ask if you are still taking spironolactone? Thanks in advance