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    Music, Drums and Drumming, and Animal Wellfare. Love Animals, They Just Rock And They Certainly Dont Care If Your Face Is Full Of Pimples!

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  1. Like it says, what is the highest mg of Doxycycline you have been on? I went from 200mg which was'nt doing anything and than I myself raised it to 300mg and it started working. Once stopped, the crap will probably come back like a vengeance, but maybe not.
  2. That cat dance is awesome! I'm glad you're feeling good. I'm also feeling good! I just wish these acne scars would fade faster.
  3. I agree Rich43. Its weird and just all messed up!
  4. Pretty damn good! I have my temporary fix doing its thing. 200mg of Doxycycline and Clindamycin Solution. Both together work for me all the time.
  5. I just started Doxy again yesterday. Im taking 200mg a day and that dose always worked great for me. Even though its only a temporary fix for me, it always keeps me clear, so Im happy with it.
  6. 41 year old here and I play in a band and work at a recording studio, so acne really makes it so damn uncomfortable. Making a Derm appointment tomorrow to try and get more help with this nasty pimple plague. It has also given me social anxiety and in my line of work and play, there isn't any room for that, so it really sucks gutter trash ass!
  7. Hopeless, Worthless, Embarrassed, Pathetic, & Suicidal. Just another great day?
  8. Hmm, I had a therapist who suggested that I might because I would nit pick at every spot on my face and I would diet even though I was already slim, but all I saw was a face full of crap and a big fat stomach when I weighed 125Lbs at the height of 5feet 10inches and my therapist looked at my face closely with a magnifying glass and did'nt find anything wrong, so you could say I probably have BDD along with severe anxiety and depression. Wonderful combonation? No Way!
  9. I can even count that high, but it has been a ton!
  10. I use to get those bumps from shaving and than my derm told me to try just a beard trimmer and poof, the bumps vanished.
  11. I Kinda consider acne to be poison as well. Ya sure dont want or need it and in some tragic cases, it leads to suicide as I know oh so well.