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  1. Wow! Was up to page 4 and so intrigued in this 'needling' method (have never heard of it before) and then saw the posts were from 2005. Wonder how much things have improved in the world of needling - or other similar options with great results as well - since then.
  2. Hi all, Just want to start by saying I did use the search feature and there were many topics but they were all very old and I didn't want to revive them, plus I figure I'd put a picture of what I'm looking to fade. It's not necessary to read this all, I will post a tl;dr version afterwards of what I"ve tried so far. (Okay, maybe not-so) brief overview: Haven't been on this site in a while. I've had acne since I was 11/12 and either I'm finally out of the phase of getting bad breakouts
  3. Hello all! It's been a while since I posted here. I did a few months of Accutane which helped clear up my acne very well, but unfortunately I stopped getting my bloodwork done because i kept postponing it and have since began getting acne again. That is not my main issue, however. I have posted in the past about my red marks (I believe they are red marks anyway..?), but I have yet to try an acid peel. I have decided that I would like to get one done ASAP after trying many different prod
  4. Thanks, I've been using the Revlon Colourstay foundation and I absolutely LOVE it, especially with my E.L.F. powder brush!! Works amazing!!
  5. Ghost - Thank you, I found out that the mousse is not in Canada but I did get the liquid foundation and I love it! It does dry quite fast though! miritextiles - I have not tired mineral foundation but I've heard so many good things about it, however I find that I'm too lazy to read up on it or try it because I feel as though it won't work well (even though I have not heard many bad things). I guess my comfort zone is just with liquid foundations though lol but since you linked me I Will check t
  6. Your scars are barely visible, you're lucky! I've seen great reviews on this product and was so excited to go out and buy it today. Just got in actually lol. Going to try it out later and I'm planning on making a video of it, so excited to see how it looks! My red marks are.. well, red of course lol. They're very red so I never seem to get good coverage with my foundations because it ends up showing through a bit so I hope this covers them!
  7. Ah okay, didn't realize it was a primer. That's good to know for using it mainly on the nose, thank you!
  8. Hi Ghost, thanks very much for reading this and replying! Good to know about Natureluxe, will definitely pass that one up. So the colourstay foundation works well and is full coverage? That's awesome. I hope it's in Canada lol, haven't checked that out yet. I will definitely look into Revlon then and I've always wanted to try mousse foundation so I will look at that one too. Thank yoU!
  9. I found that it was a very natural light to medium coverage, but it is definitely buildable. Thanks for the reply. I may look into getting a bottle just to try it out.
  10. Yeah, I have a set of products that the dermatologist recommended and sold to me which I have been using. I am also using a primer underneath. I have definitely read that cold water helps shrink them. What is benefits pore-fessional? Is it a cream? Also, thanks for the reply.
  11. Hello, First off, sorry if this is the wrong topic. I've been posting around the acne.org site for a little time now but I wasn't sure where to post this one. So, I'm on my 3rd month of Accutane currently and i normally have a lot of gunk in the pores of my nose (using Biore strips was awesome but gross at the same time), but of course it always returned. Iv'e noticed that while on Accutane, I've had nothing in there which is awesome! Excpet that today I noticed how ginormous my nose pores
  12. Hello, Sorry to post a new question about foundations as I know there's already quite a few of them, but I wanted to tailor this thread to my personal problems. So, I'm currently using Fit Me by Maybelline (only the foundation and the powder) with a primer. I loved it in the beginning but Im not crazy about it anymore. It used to cover my red marks pretty well but recently it hasn't been. Red marks are my main problem. I don't have a picture on hand but they're all along my cheeks and they're
  13. Hi, just a question about this makeup (was considering using it). Does it provide full coverage? I have very red marks on my cheeks and have been using Fit Me foundation which I was loving, until recently it seems that it hasn't been covering my red marks as well. Since it's almost out, I was gonna try switching foundations.
  14. That's awesme! I will certainly look into this, thank you OP! I only recently (a few days ago) have gotten cracks in the corner of my mouth (it's so annoying, gross and I've never had it before, and hurts to open my mouth wide). I figured I could wait it out but if there's a cheap cure, yes please!
  15. I Think a lot of the times too, people may read a topic with a question, but not knowing the answer to it, go back to the front thread page.