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  1. you have zero to worry about, just buy it and use it. Be as gentle as possible. Make that your goal before every wash. Of all the things i've used it's been the least irritating.
  2. I'd been doing botchla's clean and clear thing twice a day for months and all i had left to deal with were breakouts on my forehead. The rest of my face completely cleared up. So I tried a few things to get rid of the remaining acne but then I started partying more and staying up so late that I was too exhausted to wash at night. Each morning I'd wake up and be ready to see some breakouts on my face, but really nothing too major just the normal few I've been trying to get rid of. So it seem
  3. ecstacy can damage you, smoking weed every now and then or eating mushrooms will not. My first trip was really scary when I peaked, but the beginning and end were cool. I've had a lot of good mushroom experiences since then but after a while it starts to lose the signifigance. I wouldn't recommend mushroom sex.
  4. Might want to try the C&C regimen in the OTC forum. It is zero work and it will at least reduce your acne 50%, some get totally clear but usually need to add a little something to get 100% but once you're at that stage, you won't be stressing when you wake up
  5. I really don't know if I've experienced any hairloss. I only started looking at my comb and hair line once I started B5. I thought I was losing some hair because it would be in the comb and some hairs might fall if I run my fingers through my hair but then I read that it's totally normal to lose 50-100 hairs a day. My roommate has really long black hair and after every shower there's a handful of hair, seriously. He has a very full, healthy head of hair so this type of shedding is normal. I
  6. My acne is not very bad anymore and I just stop by to reply to other topics but my posts usually do not work and after typing long messages and having them disappear I'm gonna give up. I just keep being asked to log in when it should send the post
  7. I have a friend who took accutane last year and at the time I only saw him every other week or so. It almost seemed like accutane gave him severe acne and then got rid of it. I never asked him much about the treatment but I got the impression that he had taken it before and he didn't seem too phased by the outbreak of new acne. It lasted for months and I'd see him and his face would either be totally clear or covered in acne. Anyways my point is that accutane works strangely and can take a w
  8. where do you get Quinoderm? is it prescription?
  9. Hey Parks, how's the B5 working on the acne? I'm just doing 2 grams a day along with the other vitamins from now on. Some people get results with that low of a dose and hopefully I will too. It'll probably take longer. Oh yeah, how much B5 are you taking?
  10. hey adam, didn't you say you lost hair on B5 even though you took all the precautionary supplements? Reading that is what really got me concerned. Whenever I read about someone saying they lost hair I figured they did not take b complex or biotin, but you did. Are you still taking B5 even though it's making your hair fallout?
  11. I hope this post works. I'm thinking of quitting B5. I've only been on it 2 weeks, 3 days 1g, 7 days 4g, 3 days 6g. My main concern since the beginning has been hairloss. I can't figure out what's making my hair weird cause I noticed a change before I started B5. A few weeks before I washed my hair with Selsun Blue and when my hair dried it didn't feel as dense and it laid down easily. I normally have thick curly/wavy hair. Then I started B5 and really started checking my hair. I clean o
  12. my posts don't go through 70% of the time
  13. what was the hairloss like? When were you sure it happened? how much loss? just curious. I've been on 4-6g for 2 weeks I've noticed some short hairs in my comb, only like 3-5 after a shower and a few short hairs on my pillow every now and then but I really don't consider it hairloss.
  14. Hey, I started B5 about 10 days ago. Botchla's regimen really cleared up everything but my forehead so I decided to throw in B5 to get rid of the problem. I did 3 days of 1 gram and now 7 days of 4 grams. Part of me really wants to jump up to 9 or 10 grams. I seem to be getting less oil but my forehead still breaks out. I wanted to slowly add grams to see how little I could take and still get rid of acne but now I'm impatient. It's not like I've gotten an initial breakout, it's just the us
  15. Not a bad idea. It would probably take more than 3 days to notice a change. Just remember to drink water like a camel and don't use any energy. Even walking alot is too much, it's not something you should do even if it doesn't kill you because using energy defeats the purpose of the fast. Just watch tv, read, and nap.