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  1. baristabrat

    Facial Hair & Zinc supplement

    Okay so first things first.. Last week I discovered that now Im getting hair on my neck as part of what will one day be a full grown beard lol Im 18 and was expecting this anytime now, but turns out that along with the hair coming out its making my neck break out. I have never had not even one little pimple on my neck before. I just hope this isnt another area I have to worry about now! I have only one little tiny pimple now but im afraid there might be more to come. Sigh.. My face is doing
  2. baristabrat

    Mederma cream is working! :)

    Okay the blemishes on my face are healing but its the same old story.. the bp totally dries the area where the pimple was leaving these ugly patches of super dry skin. No matter how much I mosturize. Blah.. at least I have no more new blemishes on my face. I think my skin is still getting used to Dans bp gel. I hope I did the right thing by changing products from my 10% bp cream that my skin was used to. Oh! on a positive note.. Mederma is really working for my scars on my chest. I can slowly
  3. baristabrat


    So my skin is looking pretty bad, I got a couple of blemishes around my mouth which look pretty bad because the BP has totally dried out the area around them so I cant apply makeup to cover them up I just have to deal with them. Gahh.. I feel a new pimple coming on my chin area which was prolly caused cause Ive been shaving pretty roughly lately. I mean my skin has improved tons in the last couple of months and the pimples I get are pretty small. But cant I just have no acne?? I look at my frien
  4. baristabrat

    Makeup for guys?

    Yes. Makeup isnt only for girls. And it can be a life saver when u get an unexpected blemish on your face. A little concealer goes a long way, and can even help it heal! I use Murads Acne treatment Concealer. It has 2% salicylic acid. Ive tried other concealers but this one is by far the best. It really hides pimples and marks. Not completely sometimes but helps. I use some everyday and apply it with the moisturizer to help it blend. Its about $20 and lasts about 3 months and I use it a lot!
  5. baristabrat

    AHA is bullshit

    So everyone on here swears by that stuff. I bought a bottle hoping it would work like a charm when actually it gave me the worst acne EVER!!! This was like a month ago. My face is completely recovered except for my forehead which has a lot of tiny bumps that refuse to go away. So do my back and chest. My back was the worst its still recovering from the tens of little bumps i got. SO annoying! It went right in the trash. I only used it for 2 days and hated it. I wasnt expecting it to be magic
  6. baristabrat


    So things were starting to look up for me. Ive been wearing my sunglases lately and today when i walked in the bathroom and looked in the mirror... I had a pimple on my nose! luckily it was only a red dot and its already healing. I hadnt had a pimple grow on my nose since 7th grade! so glad it didnt came out as a full blown zit. New little pimple growing on my t zone. other than that skin is looking pretty good, clearing up on chin and very smooth and soft skin overall. Edit: OH! I forgot to
  7. baristabrat

    Things are looking up!

    Hello! Im barista brat! Im a Starbucks barista from SoCal. Ive been struggling with acne since I was 13. I've tried everything over the years and even tried a dermatologist who gave me some antibiotics that made my acne go away. Then I moved to California and stopped taking the antibiotics. This last year has been the worst skin of my life. I started breaking out on shoulders, lower back, chest (this ones the worst cause even though its only a couple of zits they take forever to heal) and all ov
  8. baristabrat

    -Cheap -None I love this. Use it twice a day all over my face ( I use lots) My skin looks amazing in only a month of using it, I didn't moisturize before and now my skin doesn't break out nearly as much as it used to. Only used it for a month and has made a huge difference. Cant wait to see the results in the months to come, hopefully my skin will be better from now on. This + Zinc + Dans Benzoyl Peroxide Gel = amazing skin =)
  9. baristabrat

    -Reduces pimple size -Cheap -Effective! Nausea. I take one after dinner every day and even on a full stomach i still get a little nausea. Nothing terrible though. This WORKS. I take one every day (50mg) and the only pimples I get are like 10x smaller than what i used to get, theyre more like tiny red bumps. I love it! Not magic, didnt completely cure my acne, but definitely helps.