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  1. I have no idea why the discussion has moved into metals. Halogens are not metals. And I'd be very suspicious of "detoxing". That's largely holistic health mumbo jumbo. Proper iodine intake and avoiding non-nutrient halogens should help your body over time, though.
  2. I was incorrect about theobromine including a halogen. According to the newest additions to Wikipedia, "bromine" in the name comes from a plant, not the halogen. While it doesn't explain why dark chocolate might be contributing to acne, it explains why fluoridated toothpaste and canned air might be contributing to it. For instance, computer nerds, canned air, and acne are a very strong correlation. And there is no question that halogens displace iodine in the body and disrupt delicate hormon
  3. Sulfur is inferior to SA and BP, though. I realize some people like is. I've use it from time to time. And aluminum chloride, which isn't a keratolytic, is the base treatment if we're talking about Drysol. So if you want to add a keratolytic, let's say you're choosing from sulfur, SA, and BP. Since BP doesn't doesn't seem to work well with aluminum chloride (it balls up), SA seems to be the default. Again, I happened upon it by accident. I would also want to know if sulfur is reactive wit
  4. There's no evidence aluminum is linked to problems with the brain. There's an odd correlation with aluminum and old Japanese people in Hawaii exposed to massive amounts of aluminum from poorly-processed soy, but no causal link has been found between brain issues and aluminum, not for lack of studies and attempts to find one. Aluminum seems to be treated similar to silicone in the body: inert to biochemical processes. I accidentally stumbled upon using Drysol when I grabbed the wrong dab-o-mati
  5. So I regularly use Drysol already. Fantastic stuff; regular antipersperant is junk. Anyway, I use the spare leftover dab-o-matic bottle and applicators and clean and refill them with various stuff. Like salicylic acid preps before. Cearisil or Clean & Clear previously had a SA product like that and I should have kept the bottle. Even though they screwed it up with menthol, it was a sound basic idea. Right now I have alcohol, chlorhexidine, and retinyl acetate in one. Anyhow, I accidentall
  6. I feel like I am not really there, there... you know? Minocycline makes my head feel weird, besides the initial nausea (subsided) and dizziness (didn't completely). I'm switching to Doxycycline, since it's a $35 cheaper per month. Mino has also made me very susceptible to rashes and sunburns. Second day on it and walking to the university and back on a cloudy day, may face was on fire by night. Cleansers and medicated creams are also not well tolerated while I'm on it. It is definitely the most
  7. You've developed an allergy to BP. Stop using it.
  8. You developed an allergy to BP. Stop using it.
  9. I don't recommend the cheap blue stuff. It's even more runny than hibiclens, doesn't work as a cleanser at all, and is more irritating, which is suprising considering it has less perfume in it. I just want a hibiclens that's thicker, without dye or perfume. The Walgreens stuff is pretty close, but seems to produce issues with my skin. It caused irritation on me, even though it appears to simply actually be hibiclens without the dye or perfume. Odd. Isn't Hibiscrub thicker than Hibiclens,
  10. I wonder if Jojoba oil is more or less antibiotic than healthy sebum, and whether any studies have been done that find acne sufferers sebum being less antibiotic and/or less acidic than a healthy & unmedicated person's sebum. And are there any Palmitoleic acid products? http://www.prosperor...-acid-and-skin/ http://en.wikipedia....almitoleic_acid Pulp extracted sea buckthorn oil smells musky and stains the skin. I wonder if sea buckthorns are those nasty fruit things that smell
  11. Low dose antibiotics for the long-term. Hibiclens morning and night in the shower. Occassional max strength triple-antibiotic white petroleum jelly all over the face (rarely, now). And occassionally salicylic acid wipes prep followed by 10% benzoyl peroxide PanOxyl.

  12. Milk chocolate has never been shown to cause acne in peer reviewed studies. But the latest study semi-informal one supposedly showed a startling connection between real pure dark chocolate and acne. It's new, it's not yet peer reviewed, but unless the researchers were perpetrating a fraud, I don't see how peer review would cast any doubts on it. There a some other variables at work they might need to account for. And it still needs to be replicated, but it's important to point out that choco
  13. The new Oxy stuff is crap since it was sold by Glaxo Smith Kline to Mentholatum, that company that makes chapstick and topical ibuprofen in Japan. Hint, they really love menthol! I hate the shit. Sorry. But yeah, the new Oxy stuff is junk. Glaxo still has all the formulas and didn't sell them, but I don't think you can buy them in the USA anymore. Probably part of the legal deal with the sale. Sell the brand, agree not to sell a competing product for X number of years. Etc. Maybe the go
  14. Go to the clinical research section and look at the thread on chocolate. The newest research suggests it might actually be a contributor. Prelim, but seems connected to the bromine content, not the sugar. Try cutting it out and increasing your iodine intake moderately.
  15. This is too important to bury in the research section... So it's widely known that surfacants & detergents like sodium laureth sulfate & sodium lauryl sulfate and similar chemicals will inactivate chlorhexidine, but so will carbomer and acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer used to thicken and emulsify (spread evenly in, say an oil/water mixture), respectively. That disqualifies a lot of products for use with chlorhexidine. DAMN. http://www.ajicjournal.org/article/S0196-6...0