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  1. Well like i used to have a lot of breakouts and now my face's pores has been open a lot larger and i was wondering if there are ways to clean it out and shrink it. Also my skin feels really rough because of the pores.. solutions?
  2. I lost a chance to go out with one of the hot girl because of acne. =(
  3. Gordon 94


    So i was wondering if there are stage that you can tell your skin is changing or healing Currently about a month ago my red mark red like all red and stuff... and now after a month its all brownish and it looks like i got a tan or something.. is that how it suppose to happen?
  4. Monday - Slept at 2 am - Woke up at 11 am That day i did was following my regimen At night, i took Fish oil 1200 MG and yeah it was a pretty good day. Just needed some basic exercise routine..? help? Tuesday Same exact thing happen. =//
  5. Well see, the problem is that i haven't grow like more than 3 pimples in a month. So i personally stoped it. and i'm going back the my family doctor for some help on Red marks.
  6. Well i used to take Doxycycline consistently... that was when i had MASSIVE BREAKout.. now i just don't see to grow a pimple or anything at all.. just redness.... and its been a month.. no pimples... And now... i only take it. When i grow one... then it'll go away once i applied some BP and the pills for internal.
  7. Eh i guess i don't want to photoos then Well here is my regimen Morning Wake up probably somewhere around 9 Exercise -? Got any good exercise to fit in my sched. Gently wipe my face with a towel, to get off the oil. Docxyline - If i start grow acne again Afternoon If i'm going outside, put some sunscreen SPF 15 on the face. I'll try to pick the oil free Take another shower after hard workout if i'm going to workout Evening Shower C&C Blackhead scrub - 30 sec gently glide over the fa
  8. Would you guys like photos or no photos??? I mean i can try.. even though i don't really like it...
  9. 11? Wow... alright.. thats a huge change... I'm going for it then =))) Thank you.. i'll keep on posting here every week.
  10. It isn't exactly a facial cleanser.. the Chinese herb serves more as a toner. To reduce redness and repair the skins.. I would like to know if what time u sleep affect ur acne poping out and if so about what time should i go to sleep? i know its summer.. but i'm willing to make that effort.
  11. My regimen~ Give out advice please In the morning... wake up wash my teeth and eyes.. not the face.... risky... Afternoon - maybe some SPF if i'm going outside Night Chinese Herb facial wash, CC foam wash during shower... and Fish oil capsul 1200 MG WELL?
  12. BTW any results from tumeric pills?
  13. FOrreal take something to eat, half a meal.. Those things makes u throw up real bad...
  14. Well i don't have exactly clear up acne, but its only like 2 or 3. It only pops up like once a month or none.. With what though?
  15. Well i cleanse myself once a day with CC Foam wash + Chinese Herb both at night And i take pills Fish Oil, and now i'm puting on Tretinoin Cream .025 Moisturize... i don't that stuff...