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  1. Yeah I usually end up outside 7-8 times a day including walking to the cafeteria so that would probably be a little expensive. I already wear loose clothes though
  2. I started college about a week and a half ago and my acne has been at an all time high. If I'm not sweating from the 95 degree weather walking 10-20 minutes to class it's from crowded parties or working out. I'm pretty sure it's from sweat because it's mainly where the sweat touches on my face and back/chest. What can I do to prevent this? I can't avoid walking to class.
  3. I've been using epiduo for a month now and it's done quite well to cure my active acne... the only problem now is that I have spots all over my face. I'm wondering if adding lemon juice at night (since I use epiduo in the morning) would be overkill or not?
  4. My doctor prescribed me epiduo a few days ago and I completely forgot to ask if I'm supposed to use it once or twice a day... I just switched off of Benzaclin twice a day. Should I be using it once or twice a day?
  5. Alright awesome. I'm wondering that if I used some SPF-20 sunscreen if tanning would help hide them for at least summer? I know sun exposure isn't good but I have some on my back too and that's making this warm weather no fun...
  6. Wow that was really helpful, thanks! How long will it take to see decent results with BHA's?
  7. My acne has slowed down quite a bit over the past few months or so. I've been using benzaclin for a while now. The only problem I'm having now other than the few occasional small pimples is that I have PIH on many places on my face. I've tried Mederma for the past 6 months or so but that hasn't really had much of an effect. I'm wondering what would be safe to use without discontinuing use of benzaclin and would preferably have noticeable results within the next couple months?
  8. I've noticed that after being up for 6-7 hours (no matter what time I wake up) I can feel my skin get oily. I can't wash my face on weekdays until I get home about an hour or two later. I'm wondering how I can fix this?
  9. I've been using benzaclin for a few years up to about 3 weeks ago when it seemed to have stopped working. I went to the dermatologist, who diagnosed me with moderate to severe acne then prescribed me 105mg Solodyn and Ziana. He told me the Ziana or Solodyn wouldn't make my acne any worse before it got better. Cool right? Wrong. Instead of moderate acne on my cheeks, it got worse and I started getting more than I've ever had ALL OVER my face. I continued to use the Ziana and Solodyn combination f