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  1. i knw salt isnt good for the health but heck hu cares atleast its better than Accutane m gonna try this out Btw u shud also chek the natural remedy forum sum girl has postd tht avoiding water an hour b4 and aftr meals helps
  2. I knw evry1 responds differently to meds but wotevr u do dont try accutane ,Accutane temporarily supresses the oil production,all those claims about regulating the sebum is BS it WONT regulate oil production, even if it helps u clear up it will be at the cost of temporarily torturing ur skin causing it to peel horribly, Futhermore even if it helps u clear up u will have to continue it to keep ur face clear ,wich wont be possible because accutane cannot be taken for a longer period. Playing
  3. I too ws put on on the gel i dunno bout the cream bt the gel makes ur skin a lil bit sensitive coz it strts drying it out nd peeling it wich is good nd btw in my opinion if ur face is still oily u shud consider the gel instead of the cream
  4. Fortunatly ur luky ur face isnt oily but unfortunaly Since ur face isnt too oily it makes it a bit difficult to suggest u OTC cures if oil isnt an issue it must be bacteria here r some creams Mupirocin Cream -Extremely powerful antibiotic cream please dont use it for more thn a 2 weeks or until ur face clears wichever is earlier mupirocin is slightly greasy nd this will take care of ur dry skin Mupirocin gets rid of bacteria very effectively u should reely try this since ur face isnt oily
  5. as for the huge cysts under the skin i had some try this> wash your face ,get rid of the excessive oil now keep dabbing it wit a towel dipped in hot water (adjust the temp according to ur tolerance) do this nd within a week the cysts should soften cysts like these cant be rid so easily there's no rapid cure for it AVOID picking or fingering these cysts Hope this helps
  6. So this is my first time posting here wot i wanna talk bout is alternatives to doxycycline one such antibiotic is azithromycin My derm suggested this aftr putting me on doxy for 4 months prior to this here's the regimen Azithromycin 500 1 hour b4 breakfast on empty stomach this increases the absorption do this for 3 days strictly maintaining the 1 hour gap repeat this procedure aftr 12 days as for topical applications u cn use BP at night strt wit 2.5 then gradually increase to 5 use c