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  1. Have stopped the silicone cream from April,May (ok, it's not yet one year..) .I have got to say now that the overall experience wasn't bad , although the effect it had on my scars was not so big , I would say now that it was probably a 15- 20 percent improvement and I don't know if it was worth it all the months that I was putting it .Anyway , life continues.Been putting now some times a home made baking soda paste on my face ,it is like an exfoliator , doesn't do miracles , but seems to help a
  2. I decided not to start again with the cream as I planned .I have seen small improvement(for me) as I said, from 30 to 50 percent after these 6 months.So , you need at least a year or two to see something good,and I can't be sure even for this.And I don't know what side effects it might have putting something artificial on your skin for this much..Till now it had none, and I believe silicone is very neutral and used as everyone knows in implements inside human body, but still , who knows,,, So

    I started using

    Sorry , saw your question only now..No, it doesn't sting at all,it has no smell at all .And it has also no color , transparent like water .If you put a small quantity of it ,it doesn't show at all .
  4. These days , my treatment reached 6 months.But I must first say that I stopped it on the start of the month, this means some days before the end , but even some days less , it is the same .I am going to write some conclusions and thoughts about my experience .First , why did I stop sooner?It wasn`t a big deal , I just felt like doing it.And before two weeks I felt one day complete disappointment and depression..Those days were cold,I wasn`t drinking water,something that I do some times,and I loo

    I started using

    I started using silicon cream on Octomber .It`s brand name is zeraderm but I guess most of the brands are the same .This is what my local pharmacy had .It costs about 40 euros but I passed with it 3 months before ending ,and I put it on many places of my face , so I don`t think that it is so much expensive after all...Having used other creams on the past ,like a snail one(!) called elicina ,one other for scars called kelosoft , vitamen e , and others I don`t remember , I have to say that this
  6. My past . In teenage years I had medium to severe acne.I was always ashamed of myself , lonely , antisocial , hated going to school and people seeing my face red...I went to some dermatologists starting at 15-16 .They prescribed me topical creams , washing cream soaps, and antibiotics .But , acne would always be there .The only good thing at that times was that my face was very oily , and even if I popped zits or cysts , no marks, scars would happen . At about 19 , I used Accutane...Didn`t get t