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  1. So I was wondering what yall thought about drinking while taking Accutane? I have spring break coming up, and I was planning on drinking. I know everyone says you're not supposed to, but my derm. and pharm. both said its fine to drink as much as I want. They said if anything is wrong it will show up in the monthly blood test. Any thoughts?
  2. DAY 1: Alright, today is the start of my 5 month Claravis treatment to treat my severe case of cystic acne. I will be taking two 40mg capsules each day. Here's a little background: This will be my third time taking a full 5 month cycle of Isotretinoin. I took two 5 month rounds of 60mg Accutane about 10 yrs ago. It completely went away, but over the past few years it has slowly come back to haunt me. Now it's pretty bad. I was kinda skeptical about going back on this stuff, due to al