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  1. vienna_h

    TCA at home chemical peel?

    So my skin has healed from the second peel. My pores are smaller, cleaner, I have less blackheads, and my skin tone is overall more even (albeit much more pale). And my scars are significantly less deep. However I will be needing at least 2 - 4 more peels to get the best results thats for sure. I've also started using OCM (oil cleansing method) on my new skin and it has helped already. I used a mix of 30% castor oil and 70% olive oil, and finish with jojoba oil. Its been keeping my skin clean,
  2. vienna_h

    TCA at home chemical peel?

    Ok, well, Even though my skin doesn't look all that different, its never been softer! And much more responsive to products. My face feels like its always soft and clean, where as before I felt like no matter what I did my skin always had a layer of grime that wouldn't come off. Now I always feel clean, my cleansers and creams actually do their job and my make up does on sooo smooth. So I am pleased by that. Today I did my second peel, I started with a layer of Jessners then used TCA again on my
  3. vienna_h

    TCA at home chemical peel?

    Well this topic is quickly becoming a blog, but i hope to get some feedback from others who have alos done TCA or at least provide some info to others looking at chemical peels for answers. Today is day 5, the peeling is pretty much done. My new skin has not significantly improved, however, I believe my peel was not strong enough for my skin and hence why the minimum results. Since my new skin seems normal, i will continue post-op care but will do another peel in 2 weeks rather than wait 4-6 we
  4. vienna_h

    What type of acne is this?

    Thanks for the suggestion. Can't say I've ever noticed a smell. The cysts reappear in the areas, but not necessarily in the exact some place. No anti-biotics and accutane are not options for me. I have a 5% BP gel as well as BP cleanser, it keeps the surface of my skin clean, but these tend to be well below that.
  5. vienna_h

    TCA at home chemical peel?

    My skin looked normal enough last night (day 3) that I went out on a first date lol. So much for "downtime"!!! Its day 4 since I did the first layer of TCA, and its finally starting to peel!!! The skin coming off is very thin and the skin underneath is more or less the same colour (i had expected it to be pink). The new skin is very soft, and my pores look slightly tighter. I have just a few icepick scars but they look less deep. Otherwise, my other imperfections (discolourations, red blotches
  6. vienna_h

    Decent coverage Feels nice on the skin Great for oily skin Returnable if bought at Sephora Doesn't come in right shades Looks very fake All the shades are pink based, and I have neutral-to-yellow based skin. It doesn't blend well or look natural. I spent so much time trying on all the shades, the Sephora lady convinced me that it looked great and felt great but when I got home... it looked sooo obvious. So i brought it back and got another shade, same thing. It only looks oka
  7. vienna_h

    Feels nice on your skin Looks really good initially Can build coverage Supposedly "natural" Good for sensitive skin Looks cakey after an hour or so Is gone within a couple hours Takes a long time to layer on coverage Expensive I purchased this because they said "so natural you could sleep with it on". Not that I sleep wearing makeup, but I thought something so light and natural would be better for my skin. The problem is that it takes a long time to blend colo
  8. Im 24, female, caucasian. My skin is pretty much cleared of pimples, now that im older I get only the very rare pimple here or there usually disappear within a couple days. But my real problem is cysts. I get them on my chin and edge of my jaw mostly, sometimes on my cheek bones or lower forehead. I have 1 or 2 at any given time, they last minimum one week up to several months. They are very very deep under my skin, sometimes they aren't so bad, but they can swell to the point wheres its disfigu
  9. vienna_h

    Great coverage Oil-free Looks weird on skin Clogs pores Dries up by the end of the day I reget buying this foundation. I needed a geat oil-free foundation in a darker colour when I came back from vacay and went to MAC. The foundation dies up after a couple hours and is absorded into pores, clogging them, making them look bigger and more obvious and weird. Not pretty at all! Stick to NARS oil-free foundation, a million times better! Will go on beautifully and stay on, until you was
  10. vienna_h

    Deep clean, exfoliates, reduces acne Might be too strong on sensitive skin, need to wear sunscreen I love this cleanser, I use a face brush to gently exfoliate. It has a grainy texture but will get somewhat foamy. You can let sit on your face for a minute to allow the BP to sink in. This is the only cleanser that doesnt make me break out. I love the texture and clean smell, and my skin feels so smooth and free of oil after use. In Canada, I have bought DDF products from sephora's webs
  11. vienna_h

    Reduces cysts, reduces oil, calms skin, does not irritate skin, can be used as overnight spot treatment smells like sulfur, but its not overwhelming, my tap water smells worst! You barely notice it. This is the only product I've ever tried that has any effect on those deep painful cysts. It sucks the oil out, calms and reduces the swelling and doubles the speed of recovery. I used it as a full mask and for overnight spot treatment. So many products irritate my skin, this one never does. It reduc
  12. vienna_h

    TCA at home chemical peel?

    I recently bought an at home 15% TCA, Jessner, and 20% Salicylic acid peels off ebay. Ive never done a chemical peel so im not sure what to expect. Im 24, female, caucasian and i have light but persistent red marks/blotches left by old cysts and nodules on my cheeks, and a couple small ice pick scars and one very shallow but red box scar. Besides the uneven skin-tone and imperfections, I also want to treat large pores and blackheads. I did the TCA first. I've been using glycolic 10% toner (DD