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  1. Hi everybody, I have to date taken 60mg of Accutane for 159 days (5 months and 6 days) and was supposed to take it for another 3 weeks. I just broke down, I'm feeling really terrible about my skin; poor texture, really red, red marks, a few whiteheads and scarring. I just want to start healing my skin now, and hope I'm overreacting over my current skin condition. This is not a rant about how Accutane ruined my skin or anything, I'm pro Accutane all the way! I'm not really asking if I should st
  2. Hi, I'm in my 5th month and I have had no serious problem with my contacts, but sometimes it can be uncomfortable and I have used eye drops to reduce the dryness. I recommend using your contacts when you're out and glasses when you're home, I think you'll be fine then. But if your eyes are dry before going on Accutane, you should be more careful. Use the search function to get some more info/feedback about this. Found this for example: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/contact-l...amp;hl=contact
  3. I do not want to be an asshole or anything, but I think, at the moment, you, Timehealsall, are doing more harm then good on this forum. I have read through your posts and seen your pictures and I am fairly sure you're quite miserable (and not to mention obsessive) over something that even isn't that bad, given the situation you have been describing. I think your attitude proves the point that misery loves company, but not everybody want to be there with you. I find it to be quite selfish an
  4. I'm at month 4.5, and I still have red marks from previous breakouts, even though my last breakout was moooonths ago. I have not found a way to make them fade away quicker, my only motivation is knowing that it's a little bit better tomorrow. I'm very confident that the red marks will fade faster once we're off Accutane/Roaccutane, but it can take up to 6 months to fade completely away, according to my doctor. BUT once off Accutane/Roaccutane, you can slowly start using exfoliating products an
  5. As far as I understand: PIH marks will fade with time (can take up to two years), and even faster once off Accutane and then you can use exfoliating products too (and other stuff). Scars are for life and are quite hard to get rid off, even with todays methods (according to my derm). I used to have a PIH mark for like 2 weeks after I popped a zit when I was not on Accutane, but now, still 3 months after I popped some zits while on Accutane (been on it for about 4,5 months) I still have a lot of
  6. When I do this, even without the needle sometimes, I'm OK. But it's VERY IMPORTANT to remember that nobody has the same type of skin, some are much more prone to scarring than other, especially further into your treatment. It's basically up to yourself to decide/figure out what's right and wrong for your skin. But, if you ask any (almost?) derm, they would probably say something a long this line:"never pop a fucking zit again!"
  7. 4 months!


  8. Hi and welcome to the Accutane board. Everything I'm writing here are not facts, just personal judgment and experience from this board (have been lurking for a while) and being on Accutane. The dosage: Weighing 55kg and taking 60mg per day seems like a pretty normal "set-up" around here, and the whole 20/40mg start and slowly upping it throughout the course is a constant discussion. I say, trust your doctor! And if you don't, change to another derm. The nauseous and etc My derm recommended to
  9. bump/Now with picture I'm aware that the red marks will fade away with time, but will everything else as well?
  10. I'm between my third and forth month now, and have taken 60mg through the entire course. I had a bad initial breakout that lasted 2++ months. Now I get, maybe 2-4 small new whiteheads every week, but they are very small and the rate of new zits are decreasing for each day Hang in there!
  11. Hello, I'm currently between my third and forth month (of six) of my accutane treatment. I had a really bad breakout that lasted a long time, which have left my skin red and really uneven, that was about 1,5 moths ago. I'm just very worried that all of the uneven parts, which is quite a lot, will be permanent. Is this normal, that after your initial breakout (or just a minor one), there was and will be quite a lot "superficial/phantom scarring" for some time? Or did it even out really quick?
  12. You are not alone. I suffered a very long IB as well (about 2,5 months), I've been on Accutane for 3 months as of today. It's been two days since I have gotten a new zit, which by my standards is a fucking world record. I'm just soo grateful I'm still in college and had about 2 months of study time for the exams, which I was inside and alone 90% of the time. Patience is an annoying word, but it's the only one I can give you. I tried not obsessing about it and feeling sorry for myself (which ca
  13. At the halfway mark and just stopped breaking out, hurray! But, I have noticed that my skin has changed quite a lot, my skin has become very rough as in pebbled or the texture of an orange. I don't think it's scarring (too extensive), but maybe the stress/repercussions of a very long IB and tightness of the skin, or very shallow pre-Accutane scars becoming more visible? Has anyone gone through the same, and did it get better? Or did you skin get smooth very fast? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi, I've been on Accutane (or some generic form of it) for three months now, I have seen zero improvements and only gained scars and long lasting red marks all over my face. In two weeks I have a really important internship and I almost have the desire to quit before I start, thinking that everyone at work will think... like somethings off with me or a long that line. I'm no hater though, I do believe Accutane helps so many people to improve their life. I guess I'm posting this because I'm reall
  15. I'm quite interested in this as well. I personally believe that if the pimple is shallow enough, it should be OK. I try not to use my fingers, it can put stress on the skin and push the infection deeper down, but rather using f.ex. a sterile needle and making a very very small hole in the pimple. Anyone else agree, disagree or does something else?