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  1. Still not using soap, but am rinsing with water. The reason being I live in a smelly city and after 10 days of no water my face broke out in a terrible way. Now, I have a 1-monther on my chin. Not possible to hide. Just give up. Diet must be the key. Eaten lots of veg, but had a chocolate desert yersteday. Also, drinking soft drinks to mix with my vodka. Spots on shoulders. Two in opposite positions. Nice!
  2. Dazza Lazza

    bad day

    two big spots on nose and one on lip. new one on forehead. skin super greasy. very depressed. suicidal again. dont believe this will work. will keep trying though.
  3. Dazza Lazza

    Day 5

    Skin not so greasy this morning. Two small breakouts on nose. Peeling on nose - mild. Still 3 noticeable spots; 1 on chin, 1 between nose and cheek and one fading on left cheek. Had a shower. some water ran down face. After pat dry, noticed that area was flaking lightly. So sensitive.
  4. today was a nightmare. greasy skin like ive never known. a few small 1-day break-outs, but nothing major. a small amount of dead skin bulid-up om left nostril. hope the greasy feeling ends soon.
  5. Dazza Lazza

    Day 3

    No new breakouts this morning. Two cans of coke again last night. will stop that. Skin was very greasy yesterday afternoon. Now, though it is balancing a little. Using sea salt to spot treat bad areas
  6. Drank three cans of diet Pepsi with vodka last night. Not good. Had a some yogurt as well. Day 2 Morning Yesterday's spots reduced. Redness going from them and cheek next to nose bottom left has closed over. Skin feels smooth. No more fizzy drinks or alcohol. Two pure small white heads on right side of nose/cheek. Cheek area next to nose has seen a flurry of outbreaks in the last week. Using sea salt to spot deal with outbreaks. If they continue, will drop sea salt. Yet, the salt does a
  7. Dazza Lazza

    First day

    Hello, Started Caveman Regime today after having spent most f the day reading thrugh the thread. I must confess to not being keen on Dan's method n disrespect intended, or to antibotics or ther uch pills. Having tried antibotics with some degree of success I realised, as most users do, that once I stop taking the pills, the acne returns. Apart from antibiotics, I have tried a great deal of methods. By far the most helpful was toquit smoking, which I did over a year ago. My hope - fool