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  1. I was thinking of trying out epiduo gel for 1week now, and I finally asked my mom to buy. So it's my first day... its expensive I got it for $25 or 1200 pesos here in the philippines No burning feeling when I used it today but its a little itchy I have a lot of tiny bumps all over my face "comedones" and some infected ones like pimple starting to get big Hopefully it will stop it from getting huge and painful. I tried salicylic acid face wash and it ruined my face. It was the reason I ha
  2. Hi I use bp for the past 2yrs. It work for me to have almost clear skin. But unfortunately I still have cystic pimples coming out from time to time. but pimples never really stopped from coming out especially on my cheeks. Every night after washing I rub my face a little and a lot of dead skin came off I mean every night. I'm tired already because I have never been out of acne since 14 years old and I'm 25. My brother had cystic ones but when he tried ponds with salycilic acid beads, he has clea