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Clears your acne Can be expensive Quite a lot of side effects Can have side effects years after I had very bad acne when I was 21, I'm now 37. Endless amount of tablets and creams, my doctor finally sent me to hospital and I was given Accutane (think it was called Roaccutane back then) for 3 months (I think). It totally got rid of my acne. But when I was taking it, I lost sleep, had nose bleeds, lost my appetite and felt drowsy. Even if your acne isn't bad, I don't see the point in using any

By gno101975,

None. Can be costly, plus it may not work (see bottom line). I recently had laser treatment, but I'm not sure which laser I had. I had 2 passes done on my face (I've had scars for 14 years). It hasn't worked, I go back to the clinic in June. From reading this website, the CO2 laser is the best of the 3 lasers available. I've also read that 2-3 passes are needed.

By gno101975,