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  1. Thank you so much for the encouragement. I think I will add in the AHA soon but only start at once a week and then twice and up to three times a week
  2. I am in the beginning stages and trying to figure out what works for me. Today marks month one and quite frankly my skin doesnt look much better, I have 5 actives and a lot of blackheads. Anyway, here's my background. I started week one with a small amount only once a day and then week 2 I moved to twice a day and cleared. I got horrible flakiness though so I switched moisturizer and got jojoba oil and slowed back down to once a day. I stayed clear besides a hormonal breakout...however, 4 day
  3. Yeah, the acne.org moisturizer flakes off and doesn't seem to fully help my dry skin. What if I used a different moisturizer? Do you have any that you would recommend? I will just stick to the regimen, but add in the jojoba oil and see how I feel in 2-3 weeks. When did the flakes/dryness start subsiding for you?
  4. I do naturally have balanced/dry skin so I realize that I am supposed to have dry, flaky skin at this point on The Regimen. However, Dan's moisturizer simply flakes off every time I use it and it's just becoming embarrassing. My skin was already clear up till two days ago, but it was so dry that I had to reduce the applications to only at night. (I have mild acne--mostly blackheads/small whiteheads) I just bought jojoba oil, but it hasn't come in the mail yet so I haven't started it. I
  5. Simple thought, have you tried changing your toothpaste? I know it's possible since your acne is only on your chin.
  6. I was considering going on the regimen although my skin is really not that bad at all and I am really grateful I read this post. So thank you and I hope you can find a solution for your troubled skin...maybe just giving the dkr a rest for a couPle months.
    Cheap Tasteless Easy Bp is drying Makes face red I am 17 and I tried this from January til now and I really don't think it helped at all. I was hoping it would because of all the great reviews but it didn't. I also do believe in homeopathic remedies so I really thought it should give it a try. And my acne didn't get worse so that's good and when I went off of them nothing changed either. So I suppose it might work for you and really you don't have anything to lose if you want to
  7. Hey Connor, so I have a few questions for you.... Okay so how long did you think it took for you to see results? And did you only apply bp in places where you broke out? For example, I have pretty much always had good cheeks...I don't want to mess them up by putting bp there unnecessarily. Lastly, how long did it take for you to adjust to the bp/ should I start the regimen when I don't have to go to school everyday and be embarrassed by the redness of my face? Thank you, I just really need som
  8. I have had mild acne for about three years now and it has recently gotten worse. I've tried soooooo many things because I thought it wasn't that bad so it'd be easy to get rid of. I normally have probably 3 larger whiteheads and a few small bumps within two weeks and maybe two under the surface pimples a month. Should I try dans regimen? Some say it made their light acne worse. Some advice please before I invest!