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  1. I was almost a 100% clear and scar free or at least healing and I went nuts on my chin last night and picked and squeezed at two under the skin pores .It now looks horrible and I have messed up months worth of progress. I was stressed and feeling low because someone else was trying to bring me down and succeeded . I punish myself because of others and I keep myself on a rotating non stop cycle of feeling horrible about myself because of my skin then taking out those feelings on my face and incr
  2. I feel terrible about my red marks right now. My acne has pretty much cleared , I still breakout but really not much but the red marks make it look as though Im broken out rather badly. My skin tone is also very uneven and extremely pale with dark under eye circles . So yea in a nutshell not feeling too good lol
  3. So Ive been using fresh squeezed lemon juice and coco butter with vitamin E on my fairly new red marks twice a day for maybe a month now and I have to say I'm not really that impressed with the results so far, is what I'm using too weak? or does anyone have any other suggestions ? Please and thank you
  4. Good luck I'll be sure to follow ur progress! Sry bout the typos before is rather hard writing on her with my old cellphone lol
  5. Thanks for the reply :) and yea they really do suck , it can so frustrating feeling smooth skin with the acne gone still looking like ya broken out :/
  6. I have a pretty nasty PIH mark, maybe scar, I've started a regimen of lemon juice 2Xa day , cocoa butter 2X a day and a a retinol cream at night on the spot, is this a good regimen to treat it with? Should I see good results?
  7. Its hard to say 100% but they look more like enlarged pores to me
  8. I think ur skin looks fantastic ! wish mine looked like that lol
  9. I think it sucks more having a breakout u cause then just a random one cuz u cant stop thinking how ur skin coulda been if ya had left it alone im trying to just focus on the fact that i cant change it and on clearing it up now , good luck to ya man hope urs clears up faster too and we both are more cautious next time!
  10. Im really upset but I dont really have anyone to blame but myself . For about 8 months Id say my skin has been a complete mess, every week broken out pretty badly and covered in red marks . Pior to this I hadnt had acne in about a year , clear as crystal and Id never fet better but since its turned for the worse its pretty much destoryed my confidence . So I went to the docs and they put me on doxy , been on it about a month and a half and hadnt really seen results until last week , I was a 100%
  11. So the only way that I can keep my skin relatively clear is if I use my antibactieral BP 2.5% face wash , 10% BP all over repair lotion and use 91% rubbing alchol as a toner (just on active pimples) then spot treat with a 10% zit killer . My skin gets dry but shockingly not that dry , mostly in certain places that I can pretty much maintain with a aveeno mositurizer but Im also not very oily when using this routine or not anyway my question (and suspicion) is that I'm basically killing my face
  12. I do agree that tinted mositurizers do look nicer IMO and wear better then foundation but Im just not sure if would be enough coverage with my scars and such for me to feel comfortable but then I spose its either less coverage or have something more visibly melting off my face lol
  13. See this is why I love this site , when dealing with acne we can feel so alone even in the smallest of situations, its been said before in simliar and different ways but its true, coming on here makes me feel a little more understood and def less alone each time thanks for the replys and oh yea HUMIDITY SUCKS
  14. Thanks guys! Makes me feel have a little hope and continue being patient
  15. Hi was just wondering if anyone had experience with doxy and if it actually helped at all and about how long did it take to see any change if any?