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  1. 2 pumps is fine, i use it twice a day.
  2. read my thread and make a daily log of what you eat and do like sleep schedule etc, i can prob help you out.
  3. To each their own. I do have a biochemistry degree with nutritional background, so I do know how some things work relative to our bodies. Posts of encouragement mean nothing without actual guidance. It's like giving someone a fishing rod and telling them good job, instead of steering them in the direction that could help them catch fish.
  4. I didn't even mentioning anything about a cure for acne. I said I figured out ways that held off acne for me and I could help you if you had questions. Other than ranting about your problems and what you tried, how about posting some questions you want answered that I could probably help? Like maybe tell me what you eat on the daily etc. Lol, I even mentioned that my diet won't work for everyone...do you even read all the previous posts before you started ranting man? Whoever wants my help, as
  5. 8 plus years and still ongoing. If you're gonna have a cheat meal... Just eat whatever you want lol. Just don't do it too often
  6. The redness goes away once you clear the acne completely. It takes a few days for it to clear if you're able to keep acne down. If I get like a cystic acne or moderate acne from eating fast foods(a man's gotta indulge) it usually takes me a week to clear acne and Prob another week or two to clear the redness or coloration of skin left by acne. This is all done by eating foods that do not cause inflamation as I mentioned What face wash do u use? cuz i just realized tht the reason my red marks
  7. and people say lentils is low glycemic index which helps with acne, but it caused acne for me. Not every body is the same man, and like i said, chicken breast in general is healhty because it isn't filled with a lot of bad fats.
  8. I eat chicken breasts and stir fry with olive oil, i also take fish oil pills for omega 3 fats. You can also eat avocados for healthy fats. You can eat fish as well either grilled or stir fried. Try to avoid using other oils besides olive oil. When you feel like eating out just watch what's on the menu. I generally get something with chicken breasts and griled and for carbs, i tend to get brown rice or whole wheat bread with some vegetables. You can occasionally eat pizza etc for cheat meals
  9. I sometimes get that and yeah, just having a bad diet can cause that. if you want me to give you tips and fix what you're eating etc...just make a log of what you eat every day and post it here. I'll let you know what to try to eliminate and see if it improves your skin.