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  1. So happy for you. Im hoping to be in the same boat as you!
  2. bubsbug


    Well I have to report that my face is looking so much better. I am seriously think that I am going to like the out come after my HORRIBLE IB! So I was a victim of IB. But you know what I am in total awww now!! I have maybe 4-5 spots/pimples on my forehead, sure beats the 50 and then some!! Before I started accutane I had always 4-5 active but keep in mind I was always on antibotics too. But my skin is just different. So much smoother and it just simply glows. I no longer have facial bl
  3. bubsbug

    Day 43

    MY LIGHT IS HERE....My face looks so much better. I cant even begin to express how I feel right now. It was strange, it like the last 4-5 days it has made a 360. Its just like that! I have a few spots on my forehead, maybe one on my chin. My coworkers are saying how great it looks so Im on cloud nine!!! Just to let everyone know I had my IB for 4 weeks......It is finally going away! I have no other side effects other than having joint and muscle aches. My lips arent even that d
  4. Good luck to you. Keep my fingers crossed for you!
  5. Well I have not wrote at all this week due to the fact that I am extremely frustrated. My forehead continues to look bad. I have had people tell me its looking better. I have so much going on how could any one really tell? If my head was chopped off from the eyebrows up I'd be a happy women. Unfortunately I need my forehead to hold my brain in??? My skin from eyebrows down my face looks absolutely awesome. Smooth....soft..... Uuuggghhh why me! Other than that I have no side ef
  6. bubsbug

    Day 34

    Well I still look REAL bad on my forehead. When am I going to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!! It looks just hideous! I can't even describe it. I have thought about cutting bangs so I can hide them for the time being but I just cant. I am to the point.....it is what it is. I always notice the first thing that people look at when they talk to me is my forehead. So I have to explain to everyone. Its itchy and painful. I just want to scratch and pick till I cant take it no more.
  7. bubsbug

    Day 30

    Well went to the doctors office today. She look over my face and said yes......just keep in mind that everything that is happening right now is a good thing. All of your clogged pores are being pushed to the surface. Yah right I look terrible. Going to play vb tonight with the girls a bandana is in order!! Again my forehead looks bad. The rest of my face looks fine. I just dont flippen understand it!!! Well anyway she put me again on 40mg once a day. She said that she did not want
  8. bubsbug

    Day 29

    Well I go to the doctor tomorrow and get my blood drawn/prego test and another months prescription. Its seems wierd that it has been a month. One month down 4 more to go. My forehead looks bad still. My chin mouth area is still really flaky and dry and the blackheads are still there. So no real improvement on my face. I can definelty tell that my skin is getting thinner everywhere. UUggh my poor poor forehead! Soon, Soon I keep telling my self! Im hoping for a great week next week?
  9. bubsbug

    Day 28

    Dry Dry Dry. I think my face is sheading another layer! When I wake up in the morning its a super dry and scaley. You know how it looks if you drool and there is a little bit dried in the corner of your mouth. Well my hole mouth-chin area is like that when I wake up. I dont even drool. Well that I know of! My forehead could be getting better I dont know. I have a small pimple on my nose and and one on my cheek. My lips are a little dry today. Oohhh and I think that Im getting some dr
  10. Best of luck to you. I have to say that I do not think accutane is an easy battle. I do believe that with accutane there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So I tell my self! Keep your head high!
  11. bubsbug

    Day 24

    Pleasure to meet you. Good luck with your journey. Thanks for sharing as well and I look forward to keeping in touch through our treatment!
  12. bubsbug

    Day 27

    Well the weekend is over and I still want to go into hidding. My forehead doesnt look any better and I am getting a few on my chin now. I always thought that all of the other meds that I was taking just wasnt working well well It surely was! It is rather strange because the breakout on my forehead is so fricken itchy. The skin is so dry then there are this scaly things. I hate itttt!!!! I was told by two of my friends now to cut my hair and have bangs until this thing is over so it must
  13. bubsbug

    Day 24

    No news good news right? Nothing has changed. Im waiting for these god awful blackheads to disappear and I am waiting for my forehead to clear up. Im hoping by the end of the weekend that they will look more presentable! Lessons that Im learning. Do not pick at peeling skin. My skin is becoming thin that when I pick at it it actually starts to bleed? Im a picker though Have to keep my hands tied behind my back!! Well Everyone have a great weekend!!! Bringing the kiddos to see Ro
  14. I am no person to judge and neither is anyone else here. Just saying. Its great to hear others journeys. I like to have a few beers now and then actually a couple times a week. I just love beer. I realize that maybe I should cut back. Jimmy here may tell me to look at this here and here and here but I can also tell him to go here here and here. It is what it is.
  15. Well Im only on my 3rd week but i have had some side effects. Nothing to be surprised or bothersome about. Dry skin, being tired, headache and the dreaded IB. Being tired and headaches started only 2-3 days into it. Dry skin started about 1 1/2 weeks into it. IB about 2 1/2 weeks. Im on 40mg once daily and am 120 lbs