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  1. Update Dec 2018 Hi.yes i had seb derm.its fungus and it can feed on many oils and products.here is two links that can help you with this problem. Medsage me back if you have any questions.i moisturize with only mct oil or squalane oil.this is the only oils that dont feed the fungus aka seb derm.make sure to use safe products that dont feed the fungus. GL https://www.reddit.com/r/SebDerm/ https://simpleskincarescience.com/pityrosporum-folliculitis-treatment-malassezia-cure/
  2. Yes I have seb derm.forehead cheeks and chin area.I thought it was dry skin but it wasn't .I use many oils and lotion but that only made my skin redder and flaky because the oils and lotion will feed the yeast aka seb derm and flare up .so now I only wash my face with cerave forming face wash.and applied Lotrim ultra fungus cream on my face to kill the yeast. I have oily skin so if I don't wash my face for more than 9 hrs I will get a seb derm flare because the sebum will feed the fungus.it to
  3. I has the same thing .i though it was dehydrated skin but it was seb derm all over my t zone and chin and almost my whole cheeks.took me a while to find out it was Seb derm becuase I though seb derm flaks.but not all the time some people don't flake ,some just have some white film on top of the seb derm area. My seb derm was not flaky but always had a white film on top of the seb derm areas. Everytime I was my face twice a day I would scrape this white stuff on my face .so I search and find out
  4. Ok quick update.i never had dehydrated skin.i had seb derm on my forehead and t zone,cheeks and chin.i fix this with head and shoulders shampoo 2 in 1 conditioner .i would use it every other day to wash my face.i will leave it on for 7 mins and rinse.fix it in couple of weeks. And one more thing every month I would rotate shampoo like selsun blue.so the seb derm aka fungus won't get use to the shampoo . Hope this help
  5. Hey xninja glad your skin is better. I been using sweet almond oil for three days and my skin is 75percent better. All the dehydrated lines on my skin is gone.. My skin looks soft and healthy .im so happy this dehydrated skin is almost gone.i will update in a week I have the natures bounty sweet almond oil. The ingredients are sweet almond oil and vitamin E .
  6. when you guys touch your face does it feel like your forearm or does it feel sticky.Do you get any dead skin on your face everyday? because I have oily skin.I can wash my face at night and in the morning my whole face will be oily and shiny.I think that is the reason I get this white moist thing on my face.maybe its sebum and deadskin I read online that when your skin cells are dry or dehydrated they will die faster and thus make more dead skin on my face. I think that is what happening to
  7. rare, how do you apply your mixture? do you spray it on or do you rub it on? can you take pictures? i would NOT advise exfoliation! at all! i dont know whats going on but it doesnt sound too good. keep trying to put the mixture on and don't exfoliate! I just edited my post #65 ,I have the mixture in a vitamin bottle in the fridge and When I use it i just open the cap and put my fingers on top of the bottle and turn the bottle upside down and the mixture will wet my fingers and I will pad it o
  8. I have dead skin all over my face,forehead,cheeks,chin,under eyes. The dead skin don't flake ,its just sticky,kinda moist,and just stick to my skin.kinda like a paste.. And I remember couple months ago that when I remove all of the dead skin,the next morning its all back.Also I cant see it,The only time I can see the dead skin is when it get wet and it turns kinda white. Idk if I should remove it with a muslin cloth everyday so the niacin and NAG can penetrate my skin. When i touch anywhere
  9. u rip ur mositure layer of ur face with that hot water.Aanabill how can you tell if its the mositure layer or just dead skin.Because I get the same thing,I get that dead skin turning into a paste like mixture all over my face, and it's not flaking it's just sticky.And my face is also very dehydrated looking. Should I remove that paste layer off my face or leave it alone? thanksI use to have very very oily skin and use so many acne products, I get the flaky dead skin peeling around my mouth an
  10. I just spray on the niacin after I wash my face and leave it on. I don't put anything else on my face,
  11. UPDATE Day 30 Niacin and NAG.. Last night I exfoliate my face with a muslin cloth ,I did it very gently. I didn't remove all of the dead skin because I didn't want to irritate my skin. After that this afternoon I was looking at my face seeing if it improve and its about 30% better. This is only 4 weeks. So I got 4 more weeks left to see a major improvement I plan on doing this for a total of 10 weeks. I should see a major improvement in 4 weeks or less. I can see that my skin is mo
  12. Thanks for tip.i will not scrub.i will see one if the niacin dont work
  13. I can't update today 6/8/2013 because I didn't receive my muslin cloth.I Will receive the muslin cloth on Monday 6/10/2013 I will post update on Monday. I need the muslin cloth to exfoliate the dead skin on my face.
  14. Im using niacinamide and NAG.I will post an update this saturday