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  1. Do you get the same results with proactive? are you using there micro cleanser?
  2. Well i'm day 36 of the DKR and the progress has been great i'm pretty much clear or anything active except for a few here and there. I'm still in a battle with my red marks but lately was has been unbearable is the dryness How long does the dryness usually last for everyone?! Please share your dryness stories, because i know i'm not the only one who feels like there face is going to peel off lol. thanks!!
  3. elizaaabethian

    just me.

    on acne.org.
  4. Alright so I have officially been on Daniel Kern's acne.org products for a month. My face looks load's better but i'm ready for long strived perfection. I want to add in his AHA+ product in hopes for helping my red marks, is this a good idea?
  5. I believe he did have acne, On his facebook page he talks about spending his entire life savings on acne.org. In his video's he always seems really genuine as well.
  6. wow thats great progress I'm in the same boat, hoping to be completely clear by fall semester. And i have those yucky red marks too, there awful :/
  7. The dryness is a temporary affect right? I'm gonna go and pick up some BP tomorrow. I'm sure your face is already pretty. Keep going and let us know how you get on i sure hope so, thank you for the nice comment i'm on week three and still feeling like a snake peeling lol
  8. Ever heard of CeraVe lotion? It's an amazing OTC lotion designed for people with acne. You can get it at Wal-Mart or Wal-Green's I believe. I don't use Dan's Reg, but I use something similar. My resolution for skin's noncompliance with my make up is this: Mix 2 parts liquid foundation with 1 parts CeraVe lotion. Apply with finger tips. (I use Neutrogena's Skin Clearing Foundation) (also mess with the mixture a little till it suits you best) Dust with a translucent powder (or powder foundat
  9. thanks for the nice comment.

    Yeah he is so sweet. I still tend to hide under the covers when he wakes up in the morning and I have no make up on. He still digs me out of the blankets and won't leave till I kiss him good bye. I feel so lucky to have him.

  10. Well i'm still not really red but the dryness is definitely there to say the least. I feel like my skin will just never be pretty and i just have to live with it. uhhh.
  11. I stumbled upon the story about your boyfriend, it was very very sweet!

  12. Well I'm on day two, i haven't had any dryness or redness yet. how long does is usually take to start flaking?
  13. Well i just ordered my first shipment of the acne.org regimen. How are the first couple of weeks? hopefully not too desert like.. . but i'm hopeful!
  14. Nice pun, your nom de plume.