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  1. rickyost

    Week 15?

    Wow, I'm sorry that I totally deserted this blog... but to be honest, there hasnt been all that much going on. I have about a month and a half left on accutane, and things are finally going well. MY skin is basically clear, with the occasional blemish. Occasionally some irritation after shaving. The dry skin has gotten significantly better, and the lips are getting there. Even my back and shoulders are looking good :] I definitely recommend yoga while on (and off) accutane, as it works wonders o
  2. rickyost

    After week 10

    I think what finally happened is that stage where youre skin adjusts itself in terms of moisture and texture. Its much smoother, and totally clear. I also only have to put on moisturizer twice a day. Its been amazing. Much easier, and I really only have to worry about taking the medicine every 12 hours. Other than that there are just a few random dry spots on my arms (random). Very happyy :]
  3. Wow, the weeks are flying. This week was interesting once again... The neck irritation was remedied with prescription cortizone cream from the dermatologist, and my face has once again almost completely cleared. This cycle is driving me absolutely crazy, but considering the fact that its past the 2 month mark, and because the dryness (face, lips, ears, and nose) have gotten a lot better, I'd say I'm pretty much staying clear. Can't feel any oncoming zits, and the dryness is much more bearable. I
  4. rickyost

    After week 7

    Wow. Week 7 was interesting... and by interesting I mean terrible. I was not expecting this at all. I've been so good taking medicine at the right time, keeping my skin clean and moisturized, and staying out of the sun. On tuesday night I was sitting at dinner, when all of a sudden I got VERY itchy under my chin and a little to the left of it... I got a very large, red, itchy rash all over the underside of my chin/top of my throat. I have noooo clue why. The skin on my ears has been so dry, it
  5. rickyost

    After week 6 (skipped 5)

    Woops! I haven't posted in two weeks. Mostly because I have been really busy and my skin hasn't been doing too much. The play went well, and my skin put up very well with that nasty stage makeup. Until the last show. got a small flat (but very red) pimple in the middle of my cheek. But i covered it up, and it went away soon after. A lot has been going on, and my schedule was hectic. I took the medicine at most 4 hours late (I take it at 6:30 a.m. and p.m.) multiple times, and I broke out a few t
  6. rickyost

    After week 4

    It was Guys & Dolls :]
  7. rickyost

    After week 4

    Week 4 sucked! I was mostly clear and then just before Prom I got a hugeeeeeeeeeeeee pimple on my left cheek :[ It was horrible. And 2 days later it was as if it was never there! So frustrating. I got a new moisturizer from my Dermatologist and right now I have the dryness pretty under control. I'm doing my school play and there are 5 performances this week so I'll be wearing (heavy, greasy, nasty) stage make up. We'll see how my skin reacts to that. Joint pain is not as bad this week, but my sh
  8. rickyost

    After Week 3

    I've now been taking 40mg twice a day for 3 weeks. I'm getting used to the dryness of skin (face and on my arms) and lips. The Cetaphil-Cerave-Aquaphor combo has been great. This week my scalp has been really itchy and a bit flaky so I'm doing a few Selsun Blue washes a week. I'm not sure how dosing works (if the dose goes up as the treatment progresses), but I have my first Doc appointment on Thursday, and we'll find out. Initially I broke out a bit, but suring this week my skin cleared COMPLET
  9. rickyost

    After Week 2

    I've now taken 33 pills over around 2 and a half weeks. I dryness is becoming much more tolerable. I'm using cetaphil wash about three/four times a day and moisturizing with cerave quite frequently (every 2-3 hours). Aquaphor on the lips and inside my nose. Feeling much better- no more headaches! The breakouts are still happening mildly and theyre going away quickly. They're very uncomfortable because when they dry out they sting when moisturizer gets put on them though. Over all the first few w
  10. rickyost

    After Week 1

    So far its been just over a week (9 days/ 17 pills), and it hasn't been terrible. I broke out a bit on the second day, which then cleared very quickly. Right now I'm completely clear except for two small (but very red) pimples near each other on my cheek. As for finding a good moisturizer and lip treatment, I think I've found something good; for now at least. Since the dryness wasn't too bad initially, I could use a tiny bit of hyalronic acid moisturizer and Burt's Bees lip balm. Now the dryness
  11. rickyost

    Before Day 1

    I got veryyyyy thirsty during my first week too! and as for the lip care, burts bees is what I've always used and it just wasn't enough, so I'm now using Aquaphor which is great. Good luck to you too! :]
  12. rickyost

    Before Day 1

    Tomorrow is day one. I got my blood work done, and all was normal and good to go. My skin is actually much clearer than it normally is, which is strange because I've been off of any type of treatment besides a BP wash in the morning and night. I had been taking sulphameth for a few months that initially worked amazingly, but I soon grew resistant to it. Nothing over the counter has worked in the past. Neither did any BP based cream, or retin-a. I've had moderate acne for about 2 years (since I w