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  1. Kymba

    Day 2

    I read with interest some of the success stories in which the writer used a holistic approach. There were some similarities in the stories, such as the use of zinc and Vitamin E supplements. As all of the information can be quite overwhelming I went the simple route and bought Perfect Skin tablets by genuine health. You take two tablets twice daily, each tablet contains fish oil, EPA, EGCG, Zinc, Vitamin E and Chromium. Cost wise I am not sure if it is cheaper to buy the Perfect Skin, or t
  2. Kymba

    Day 1

    Acne location and type: Temples - multiple on both sides, large and deep. cheeks and chin - multiple, small, appear to be under the skin. A few white heads. The temple acne remains pretty consistent. The cheeks are new and getting worse. I have never had cheek acne before, so this is kind of weird. Food: Breakfast - banana lunch - salmon, organic greens, yellow pepper and cucumber Dinner - gluten free pizza (I think this might be a mistake, but we will see) I am drinking lots o
  3. At the end of the day I have no real idea on what causes my acne. That is probably my major source of frustration. Because birth control worked so well I think my acne could be correlated to hormones. My husband says I break out just before my period, but I haven't noticed. I think I have zits all the time. My husband has also suggested it is our sheets b/c I get more zits on the side of the face that I sleep on. He has a bit of a point, so we have started to change the sheets more often. No
  4. I believe that what goes in, has to come out. Food will either be used by your body for energy, or your body will get rid of it through bowel movements. Toxins can also be excreted through your pores. So, make sure you are putting good stuff into your body. For the most part I am pretty good about that. I eat lots of whole foods, I own a juicer and make celery, cucumber and carrot juice every morning, I snack on almonds or fruit. We don't keep junk in the house, but do occasionally buy cookie
  5. After reading this site, and looking at other suggested remedies. I am just confused! And annoyed, and frustrated. It is obvious that there is not one solution for fighting acne, and not every solution will work for everyone. A little bit more history: After I went off of birth control I gave Pro-Active a shot. It worked well enough, but when I had my face photgraphed by a Derm he said I had a lot of sun damage. Ok, I tan infrequently and I always use sunscreen when outside, so how did I get
  6. Kymba


    Hi,Sure I can share my story. Kim
  7. I am tired, I am frustrated and I am a little angry that at 31 I still get acne. And not one or two pimples around my period, but 10 or more all the time. Some are little and easy to pop, some are huge and feel like a golf ball. I thought this was suppose to end after your teen years! Some history: I started breaking out severely (mostly on my forehead, back and chest) when I was 13. At 14 I used cream my doctor gave me and for the most part it worked, then didn't. I took tetracycline, whi