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  1. Hi Tracy! I did use the Retina A you sent me for few months (about three months or so) - maybe that helped too. But it was so hard to keep using it cause my face would get so red and peel! It was hard to keep up. Thanks for the good wishes - how are you doing?
  2. I know what you mean Luna! I am always scared my husband is going to catch me doing it. How embarassing! I use the Mach 3 razor - it's expensive but worth it, must be very careful to to get nicks. I do it once a week. Also, I do it dry, after a shower. I dry my face and use the razor dry. I did get razor burn once - but only once and I think that was because I pressed too hard on the razor. it went away in a day. I LOVE not having peach fuzz and I think the exfoliation is good for the
  3. Hi everyone, I have not been on here for so long! Just popped on to see how everyone is doing. And to report I am quite happy with my skin! So there is hope people! Not sure if it really was the smoothbeam, shaving or time ... probably a combination of all three. I hope everyone is well.
  4. Thanks so much RichardSkin! These are exactly what mine look like! http://dermatlas.med.jhmi.edu/derm/IndexDi...eID=-1250004226 I am so glad they are not broken capillaries... but I do not like them. I will lookk into the treatment you sugeest... I hop I can find it in the Philadelphia, PA region!
  5. Richard - Yes! The are small perfectly round (I will look more closely tonight to make sure) and a deep red in color! they are not like spidery veins or anything. None of them are raised... Radiofrequecy ( Telangitron) can get rid of them? Any idea where I can get this and if it is expensive? Thank you!!!!!
  6. Thanks Smiling eyes… I am not scrubbing but two of the three are near my eye area and I wonder if it may be resulting from pulling at my eyes to insert my contact lenses? Anyone know?
  7. Hey everyone! Hoping someone will have some information or advice for me. I am getting red dots on my skin (my face)! I have three now... I just woke up to the third one this morning. They are not resulting from pimples or anything. I am not sure what is causing them (I have not been tanning my face or anything). They are like freckles only deep red in color… They are pretty tiny. I am wondering if hydroquinone will help? Anyone have any idea what these are and what I can do
  8. Shaving before smoothbeam makes the smoothbeam procedure sooooo much more painful. I am tellin' you. Not sure if it helps make it more effective or not. Once I shaved the day of and I was crying during the treatment it hurt so bad and my doc turned down the joules. So then I made sure I shaved the night before instead of the day of and it was more tolerable. I didn't want her doing it on a less powerful level even though I was crying! Now, I guess I should mention I am woman and I just sh
  9. I really like Revlon new complexion concealer. It is (allegedly) oil-free, non-pore-clogging, and irritant-free. I highly recommend it!