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  1. Thanks. So I'm taking Zinc and B-5 together after one and meal and Vitamin A and C with another meal. Weird thing though, I don't know if this is normal but I felt REALLY sleepy when I took the vitamin A and C. I normally sleep like around 2-3am nowadays but I went to bed at like 9 pm and woke up just now. I hope this isn't something serious. :C
  2. I am going to go buy vitamin A, B5, C and Zinc and wondering what's the right way to take them. Thanks.
  3. I am completely clear of acne right now because of some anti-fungal medicine I am taking. I didn't think it was gonna' do anything to my acne but it cured it completely, atleast for now. Right now I just feel like taking out some pretty girl out for a date and make her laugh as much as possible.
  4. Do you ladies hear what you're saying? "I have a boyfriend but luckily he lives long distance so I hardly see him"...WHAT IS GOING ON HERE! First off, if these boys can not accept you, flaws and all, they do not deserve you. Looks are certainly not everything. To everyone reading this: If the people that you are dating/talking to/in a relationship with truly care about you as a person and are interested in you, they will not care about your acne. I'm sure they have flaws and albeit they might ha
  5. My dog. She hasn't judged me once, gotta' love schnauzers.
  6. Does this mean my acne is purely hormonal? I am 23 year old male. Because both the times I used Ketoconazole, my acne went away the next day and not even a single painful pustule after it.
  7. If you have a concealer, that's your best bet right now. If you don't have any, try powder? lol.
  8. So, I was diagnosed with psoriasis couple weeks ago and put on the medication for it, Ketoconazole and Fluconazole. Now before I started taking these pills, my acne was horrible, it was mainly painful red pustules clumped together and just made my face red and I literally got 1 or 2 of them EVERY single day but now, not even one for about 2 weeks. I had couple of painful red bumps but they just went back in half way through. So is there any relation between psoriasis and the pustules I was getti
  9. PROTEIN SHAAAAAKE! Seriously, Isopure whey protein (lots of flavors) 1 scoop in the morning with water and another at night will help you gain body mass quick. This won't break you out or affect your acne in anyway since I have been having it for almost 2 years now. Don't have too much of it though, you can just start off with just 1 scoop daily, it's more than enough. QUAAAAKER OAAATS! I know it tastes like plastic but if you get the variety pack, you'll survive. It's a good source of fiber
  10. Rub an ice cube around it. lol. But seriously, are you constipated when you drop them bombs? Cause it might just be that and not related to accutane since I haven't really heard of it or experienced it.
  11. Got it! I'm gonna' go rub my face on toilet seats whenever possible. No but seriously, I am probably gonna' go buy those clean and clear blotting sheets after reading the reviews. Thanks.
  12. Do you wash your face every couple hours (without soap)? Use wipes? Would like to know so I could do the same since I don't really do anything about it.
  13. I am interested as well because I eat subway pretty much everyday, mostly the chicken.
  14. I think I may name a cat Stuggles if I ever get one, adorable name.