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  1. karlitac

    11th Day

    hey! in the very beginning i did start breaking out a little but they were tiny and hardly noticible. I havent broken out till the point of tears yet but i did get two big ones on my chin that are NOT cute lol besides that it hasnt been that bad :)
  2. karlitac


    Im only 7 days away from completeing my monthaversary(yay meee) lol My lips are still yucky dry and my bad habit of peeling is still going storng! I started breaking out on my chin alot! I have two big ol nasty monsters! and of course i picked at them and im sure I mad em worse! I developed almost a rash like "thing" on the top of my hands and its moving up to my arms.. Idk if its the accuatne(i doubt it) or what but i have an app with my doc on monday so we'll know soon enough right? Besides
  3. karlitac

    11th Day

    Today is my 11th day on on claravis.. I had my first real side affect about 4 days ago.. It was a nose bleed in the morning. And ive had majorly chapped lips. Ive been able to soothe my burning lips by apply regualr chapstick on a regular basis (basically everytime it starts to wear off) the inside of my nose is very dry also and its making my nose itchy.. besides that thats it.. ill keep whoever is actually going along posted lol
  4. karlitac

    Denied an accutane prescription

    Hey! sorry to hear that! My first dermatologist told me that accutane was THE last resource! and had me going back to his office once a month and (i think) milking me for the $35 each time because I literally would walk in and he would tell me DOC:"okay how do you feel?" Me: "..good.." DOC: "okay keep on going with the antibiotics and topicals, see you next month" yupp after about 3 months I found the dermatologist that I am with now and on my first visit he gave me my choice and I took it. I
  5. karlitac

    Before Day 1

    Hey I just started my accuate on the 28th of Feb. I know how you feel aboutnot knowing what to get and where to start. So far I have done a couple of changes:I bought Cetaphil face wash and moisturizong cream= and its working well. I have Aveeno sunscreen just incase I decide to spend a day out in the sun, which is not advised and I proabably wont but you never know.I also started drinking ALOT of water. When I say ALOT I mean: I bought 3 cases of water, put two in my apt. and one in my car :)I'
  6. karlitac


    My transition into new confidence, new style and most importantly brand spanking new skin!
  7. Good Morning semi dry skin & tiny little breakouts! Good news is that im on my 5th day i have almost completed a week. And about couple hundred more to go! hoorraayyy! atleast itll be a lifetime of clear skin after that (i hope). I havent had any MAJOR side effects. I just started noticing dry skin this morning, but it honestly wasnt that bad at all. And I am breaking out around my jaw area. Im getting itty bitty little suckers. My clinique make up though (which I am madly in love with) i
  8. karlitac

    Journey to clear skin

    hi! lol I thought nobody had seen my post! Ill keep on posting! Good luck!
  9. karlitac

    Finally Getting Clear!

    This is going to sound a little weird probably BUT yyaaayy we started around the same time!
  10. Im officially on my third day of Claravis. I got put on Claravis because I break out constantly. for a couple of months ill have nothing but scars and then Ill have 4 break outs overnight and not our regular pimple but volcanoes on my face! this also happens on my back and not much on my chest. The first day i took Claravis it made my stomach upset and I had a minor headache that lasted till the next day and continued. The second day the headache didnt get worse or go away so that was that. I do