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  1. Sometimes i dont get whiteheads but i typically do. Ive gotten my acne very well under control but the root of my OCD'ness has become that they get so red and are big and are right around my mouth.
  2. I have had acne for about 4 years now... Granted it was way worse when I was in high school, however the few that have stuck around have the characteristics in which I hate the most. Age: 20 Male Medication: Minocycline - 3 years My acne is very easy to see coming. I can feel from inside my mouth the pockets where the pimples will be, because the pimples are few, but get to be a real big size. This is what I cannot stand about them. They only come in very particular areas, around my
  3. So for 2 years now i have had pretty bad acne. However over the course of the 2 years i have made a drastic change in the way i eat, sleep, and live. A lot of my acne has gone down, i'd say 75%, mainly due to my OCD and meticulous habbits i have formed over the years. As good as this may seem acne really affects the way i am, as most of you probably know. I still get one or two big pimples, usually stay for a while (like 3-7days), and are usually really red and noticeable. These 2-3 pimples al