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  1. how much mg's u taking a day op? i wana try this but not overdose
  2. does it work for cysts? anyways ima have to try it where do u get da system?
  3. yeah i feel even more preassure talking to girls especially when i have breakouts like right now, as for my friends that are females thats no problem cuz der friends u kno. but me i have some notible cyst on my face so i try not to get to close to them until i have my face under control but i do talk and have fun wit them i just go to my happy place when i have a bad breakout!
  4. ok, so i im new here and i find this site helpful iv'e tried stuff that users say to try it helps a bit and everything but why im writing this is cause i have severe acne u kno cysts and all that i get it in my face and my body. a few week ago i went to the derm. and he gave a tryglysterite blood test to see if i qualify for accutane, i had my try's high so he gave me mitocycline think thats the name and gave me the ipledge booklet. well since taking the mito. i noticed i got more acne nd cyst s