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  1. accutaane is good. i used but it is having side effects and that is temprorary.my suggestion is do work outs or play the game..it results sweat ...due to sweat your pores will clear.if it is possible take safi syrup..after accutane treatment
  2. Vinod

    my acne

    severe one
  3. plz suggest which treatment he(victim) need to take.
  4. hi...buddy.thanks for sharing ur treatment, I have ice pick scars..can we fill scar hole by your treatment
  5. try acnovin tablet..or dermofex ...its ayurvedic no side effects
  6. it well take abt 5 to 6 weeks..abt acne will clear, but old bumps"ll remain in same satge.what shall i do for thatn.
  7. uu better to use isotrenoine..if u highly fed up with u r acne..I too having nodular type acne..I used isotrenoine.now i m free with acne.but still i have old bumps..anty way take care