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  1. Hi all, I must say I've been very impressed with the results after using the 3-step regimen. After six weeks, there were MASSIVE improvements to my skin in general, and it left me feeling very confident about myself. However, a few weeks after coming off the regimen and starting a new cleaning phase (general morning face wash/cleanse)- it slowly started to re-appear again! This week especially, I've had a huge breakout and it's left me very sad. It leaves me asking a few questions. W
  2. Hi guys, So my doctor prescribed me with a duac daily gel for the PM. I figured I could incorporate it into the regimen. However, its a 5% BP and didn't wanna apply it twice a day (Hence why it's a daily gel, haha)!! So... In the AM, I just cleanse and moisturize In the PM, I cleanse, apply Duac gel and moisturize. I also shave in the evenings, so I can immediately apply Duac afterwards. Is this a good alternative to the regimen, or should I be using 2.5% BP instead?