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  1. My skin is really dry and sensitive. Should I be showering every day? few days a week? Ive been showering twice a day and my skin is dry as frick! ive been moisturizing but thats not enough i guess. Should I just wash my face with water also?
  2. Not after the first treatment of shots. He said it will take 3-4 treatments of shots once per month.
  3. Its been 7 months post accutane and my skin is still really dry! Will some/any oil come back? I had a ton of oil/sebum before accutane but now I have none and it sucks.
  4. They're back to normal now. Hopefully these Cortisone injections work though...
  5. I had my hypertrophic scars injected with cortisone yesterday. I was wondering why they are REALLY puffy, raised, and red today. Is this normal and will they subside like they are suppose too?
  6. I have hypertrophic scarring on chest and upper back. i had cortisone injections done yesterday for them. But today they are really hard,raised, and red. Is this normal and will they eventually subside?
  7. Its been 6 months for me and still am really dry. Anyone know when Oil/Sebum returns?
  8. Hey people, i was on accutane for 9 months, took a while to work for me but it finally did. I have been off of it for 5 months now and my skin is still really dry =( will the oil eventually come back?
  9. Hey guys, I use to be very involved with this site until my acne finally started to clear up after about 8 months of accutane. I was on it for 11 months and it cleared my cystic upper back/neck and chest acne. I was very doubtful it was going to work because 8 months into it I wasn't noticing anything! But the last few months that I had left were a miracle! Ok so ive been off of it for two months now and my skin is dry as it's ever been and my nose bleeds are the worst they ever been. Does oil/s
  10. My tri. Number was 502 which is really high but my derm is keeping me on it and he also give me a pill to take that helps lower tri. He said that diet has minimal to do with this and it's the accutane that's doing it
  11. 8 1/2 months, still breaking out. Yup 8 1/2 months.
  12. What causes them to get inflamed, unlike whiteheads and blackheads
  13. my skin has been dry for 5 months about now and im still breaking out... i thought oily skin was a must for acne but i guess not