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  1. Ria Nairi

    It might moisturize your skin, but that's nothing to distinguish this product from any other lotions out there. Expensive & it didn't work. Stings a little bit on initial application, and it feels like it's just sitting on top of your skin afterwards. On a recommendation, I was actually using this for some mild-to-moderate Keratosis Pilaris on my upper arms. I was originally looking for LacHydrin, though I heard from others that no real results were achieved with LacHydrin for KP. Too dat
  2. Ria Nairi

    You might think your acne will go away finally, just like it did for Vanessa Williams, Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry, or whoever it is they're paying the big $$$ at the moment to endorse their product...maybe.. ...You realize soon enough it's not going away- you do not have magical celebrity luck that Jennifer Love Hewitt possesses(or whoever is on their payroll at this time).. & especially not if you have cystic acne. I think this product may work for some people, particularly those who have