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  1. nope. http://www.health2000.co.nz/absolute/redclover.html check it out,, i use natures herbs red clover combination about 3x a day. I think it cleared my chest and back, sort of. Be ready to go to the bathroom a lot
  2. anyone here ever tried it??! i have for a few weeks and the experience seems to be gratifying. its supposed to clean out toxins and improve your complexion...
  3. hi guys, thanks for all the support, i really appreciate your posts... so, looks like im going to have to quit the b5. My parents went to the doctor today, and it looks like the medicine community started to take notice on PA. He said the conference he went to talked about all the things kids were buying into in the net, and b5 was one of them. They are actually trying to get FDA to ban it, because it is "ridiculous" that people can buy these vitamins over the counter. In his opinion, it can shu
  4. hi guys, things at home are only becomin worse.. my sister decided to hide the b5 from me, because she said she spoke to a doctor and he said i will blow my liver if i keep on.. geez, a knowledgeable doctor is hard to come these days... for real, my dad told me he will take my car away from me if i dont stop and my mother is layin a guilt trip sayin she cant sleep at night cause she so worried... god, they need to start takin some b5 and chill out
  5. yes, but i don't plan on drinking a river dry. the deal is, i take 10 grams of b5 a day. how can i convince people that i am not goin to die from this.
  6. thatoneguy: it hasnt made me sick yet but i see ur point,,, it is the same one my mom made, too much of everythin can be damagin,, but since people claim it is water-soluble, i would think its fine- just like drinkin too much water cant make u sick.
  7. I have been taking b-5 for about a month and a half now, guys... it has been working great and my acne is fading quickly ... But two days ago, my mom went into my room and saw all the b-5 bottles and freaked!! she knew i was taking it but not that much,, she thinks more than one is too much and i could die, so now she wants to take me to the hospital :roll: ,, my sister thinks i am addicted and now my mom thinks im a crackhead.. i told my friend about this and she freaked too,, she called a do
  8. so weird to see someone from the sucks board here hehe,, tip: stick with b-5! it has worked wonders for me, i swear by it!
  9. i defenitely do not like to touch faces full of acne either :roll:
  10. I tried it. I would pee into a cup and with a cotton ball, rub the urine on my face. It was kinda weird but you get used to it, and if you ever took biology, you would know there are reasons why the treatment is one to give it a try. Even if it doesn't work, it can't hurt, right :wink:... Btw, why are people being such sarcastic jerks about this? It is a free country and people have the right to pee on their face if they want to.
  11. things are going great!! I have one small zit on my cheek and two on my forehead. I am taking 10 grams of b5 (4 pills, 5x a day) and the retin a micro. I do the .04 retin a, and since its been one month, I am supposed to go to the .1. I might dump the retin a altogether though since I dont use it on my back and my acne there is improving (b5 work).
  12. do you take one once a day? is it safe to take these while trying b5 or other medicines??
  13. Hi, thanks for replying about The Urine therapy treatment, I thought it might work like the gel in acnemiracle since they both cointain b5. But I'll hold it off for 2 weeks, see if I really need it. What is your dosage? I only take 10 500mg pills a day. Do you think I should up it? I really want the fast results.