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  1. i would get a second opinion from a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. punch excision would leave a small scar, but i believe it would look much better than what you have now
  2. hello dwalth perhaps talk to your dermatologist about getting blood tests done to check your DHT and testosterone levels. they contribute to acne there is treatment for hormonal acne i also notice that you mention that you use supplements steroids cause acne (raises testosterone), and some supplements may exacerbate acne i am not entirely certain, but i believe the bodybuilding supplements, creatine and glutamine, may exacerbate acne. do not quote me on this, check google
  3. i am not familiar with lactic acid, but TCA cross is effective in thickening the skin, it can be used on boxcar scars, although it is usually used for icepick scars
  4. just dont do it yourself, get a professional, like a nurse or someone with experience doing this, high concentration chemical peels can make the skin worse if you put too much on or do not use a neutralizing agent
  5. According to acne guidelines, even though the acne looks mild, once it starts scarring, Accutane is indicated for the condition Accutane may cause premature closure of growth plates, so i wouldn't recommend it to anyone under 25 Accutane may affect the healing of skin, so do not do any skin procedures while on it (unless you are on very low or low dose accutane)
  6. looks like shallow boxcars to me, lasers definitely help you can also try chemical peels, TCA cross, and microneedling vitamin C improves healing after above treatments i do not believe cysts should be treated with corticosteroid injections, they should be cut out (unless it is not a cyst, and is instead a hypotrophic/hypertrophic scar) i really doubt it costs 1200$ to cut it out find a different derm, the fact that he/she told you that lasers wont do much is a red flag
  7. i noticed someone mention an antioxidant mask while undergoing microneedling antioxidant treatments often include vitamin E, also called tocopherol(s), tocotrienol(s), tocopheryl; vitamin E has antiplatelet effects, which inhibits the healing process i've read various sources that indicate that vitamin E may impair healing, including the healing of wounds, resulting in decreased quality of skin texture vitamin E is a good antioxidant for intact skin though and is naturally part of healthy
  8. I have had multiple ErYag non-ablative fractional treatments that have yielded significant improvement. However, I am starting to think that perhaps microneedling is superior to lasers, because lasers and RF devices are energy devices, and energy may cause irreversible tissue damage? That is just my hypothesis. What are the current treatments available? What are all of the different types of microneedling methods? I have heard of dermastamp, dermaroller, derminator, dermapen. I am sure
  9. i suggest you purchase polysporin regular formula and apply a layer over the pink areas also purchase La Roche Posay's Cicaplast Skin Recovery Accelerator or simply "Cicaplast" (pretty famous, found in beauty departments usually; in canada, it is available at london drugs) and apply it to skin that is not pink and also to the scabs that will eventually form over the pink areas do not pick at scabs this should increase the healing speed and quality of the tissue (decrease chance of skin
  10. because saline is nacl (normal table salt) and water, the salt is used to sterilize the water; saline is often used as a control in experiments testing the efficacy of another chemical. this control is used to induce no effect when people mention saline, they are usually referring to low concentration saline that is pretty much equivalent to injecting water there is high concentration saline that can cause tissue necrosis, and i suppose destroy hypertrophic scars. however, there is a reason
  11. hey time, it's been a while. here's a picture of sebaceous hyperplasia, which i am still certain you have all over your upper cheeks (right below your eyes and beside your nose) SH on cheeks are smaller than ones on the nose, and also more irregularly shaped There is also a better laser available for SH now, called the Quantel Aramis II laser. It does not use cryogen for cooling, like the Candela Smoothbeam does, so it is safer for the surface of your skin. A full face treatment
  12. those are all boxcars and according to my dermatologist, you can use subcision to help the deep ones, which i believe you have 4 or 5. results can range from helping very little to helping a lot, but it will not make it completely unnoticeable. tca cross and laser will help. excision carries the highest risk but also the most results subcision will not work on the shallow ones. for those, you have the options of tca cross, laser, or excision (punch, scalpel, punch elevation, dermal graft
  13. oops, the first basal cell carcinoma picture is actually a picture of a guy after he removed the BCC. the BCC itself was actually not a hole, but a red-ish area
  14. this may be a type of infection for example, it may be an MRSA infection: below is a picture http://www.ronjones..../MRSA-2.302.jpg or the common types of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma http://billolearyphu...e//IMG_5966.jpg http://www.health.co...hw/nr551630.jpg again, go to a dermatologist, this could potentially be serious but don't freak out