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  1. I too am really afraid of putting commercial masks on my face for fear that it will disrupt the ph of my skin or cause a burning stinging reaction on my sensitive skin. I do a raw honey mask sometimes. Honey is antiseptic and kills the bacteria that causes acne. It also leaves my skin pretty soft and moisturized. I know manuka honey is even better if you can get it, because its made from the tea tree. If you want to exfoliate a bit you can add raw sugar. I sometimes also add a drop of jojob
  2. Hi! This happened to me too. I was on Ortho tri cyclen for about 6 years and when i came off of it my face absolutely BLEW UP with acne. Worse than I had ever had it before. I will say it was causing some low level acne too though so it had to be stopped no matter what. Just try to calm your hormones and ride it out, your skin will normalize. As for the fungal acne, I recently tried to go back on the pill and suffered horrible results. I was completely clear when i started, then got
  3. Chemical peel did nothing for my acne. I don't recommend it. All it does is give you a really horrible chemical burn that causes several layers of the skin to fall off. In the meantime you looks scary, like you're suffering a horrible sunburn. Again I do no recommend. It does nothing to help the acne or address the root cause.
  4. Yes. Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo gave me horrible acne. I dont get how people prescribe it to cure acne when my skin was clear before I took it and it actually CAUSED HORRIBLE breakouts. Get off of it NOW. Its going to take several weeks even after you're off of it for your skin to go back to normal.
  5. Disclaimer - This may not work for everyone, but I have been suffering from hormonal acne for about 20 years now and have FINALLY managed to clear my skin, so I wanted to share with people what has worked for me in the hopes that it might help someone out there struggling with the same problem. The following is a detailed description of my multi-structured approach. Feel free to chime in if you have questions. Also note that there is nothing here that is super expensive. All the things I do
  6. Everyone says Argan oil is great for all skin types, but I just want to warn everyone that it gave me major breaks out and after doing about 10 minutes of google research I realized its not recommended for oily/ acne prone skin. This came as a shock to me since I use jojoba on my skin all the time with no negative side effects. Beware of argan oil though. My face went from completely clear to having about 10 cystic acnes in a matter of days. Use at your own risk...
  7. I had been acne free for many months until a friend of mine reccomended Argan oil to me , saying it had many anti aging properties. I love natual products so of course I bought a bottle and tried it. All I can say is if you are an acne sufferer like me then I would PROCEED with EXTREME CAUTION as the argan oil has given me a MAJOR break out...So sorry I tried it...
  8. Also, changing your pillowcase once or twice a week will probably help get rid of the pimples on the jawline. It worked for me. Definitely don't wash your face though, I bet you it will get better. just be patient and give it a chance to heal itself. Also check out this article on cracked.com. I know cracked is a snarky humor website but I think the articles are based on actual research and facts. Check out #2 on the list. cracked.com
  9. I was having really horrible breakouts for months and I tried everything: proactive, murad, even the really expensive dermalogica products didnt help me. About 2 weeks ago I got fed up and just stopped washing my face completely and my skin almost instantly cleared up. I believe Acne creams only irritate the problem and make it worse. If you absolutely must wash your face gently splash warm water or witch hazel (for some people even this can be too irritating). For god sakes don't strip away the
  10. Waterwater, I think you're on to something. It doesn't make sense to strip your face of all the essential oils thus irritating the shyt out of it and then attempt to replace those oils with something foreign twice a day. Its not working for me right now. My face feels burned and is flaking like crazy. I'm also noticing some smile lines that weren't there before. I feel like my face is trying to tell me something. I remember last year I broke my nose and I had to wear a splint on it for two wee
  11. steftacular

    It somewhat works. Its expensive It will irritate you It doesnt come with a moisturizer-- which is the one thing you will need when using proactive. There are no guarantees that it will completely clear your face, but it will definitely irritate your face. I would not recommend this product unless you like paying top dollar for very irritated looking red skin. The celebrity ads also tend to piss me off because most of those people started off with one or two zits to begin with, s
  12. I dont wanna sound like a nut job here....But I feel like Aloe juice seems to promote clear skin. Perhaps its a mind over matter thing, I'm not sure. Has anyone ever noticed this? Also , if you're willing to incorporate it into your regimen, they sell it at whole foods or trader joes.
  13. Thanks guys! I tend to go a bit crazy when I find a product I like. Once a day or once every other day should do the trick.
  14. Hey Kat, Thanks for the speedy response! This is week 4 of a BP regimen for me. My face is def a bit redder than my neck but seems to be clearing up. I was using proactive, but recently switched to Dan's products. I already like Dan's BP better because it absorbs easier and seems less irritating. The moisturizer and jojoba oil are nice too. Do you know if I'm supposed to put the AHA before or after the moisturizer? Currently I'm doing 1.cleanser 2.witch hazel 3.BP 4.AHA spot treatment
  15. I just started using the AHA from Dan's kit and I really like it. Except I just realized he never mentions when, and in what order in the regimen you're suppose to apply it though. Does anyone know how its supposed to be incorporated in the DKR regimen, and how often its safe to use it? Right now I'm applying it a few times a day but I'm wondering if thats too much. Any info would be great. thanks! Stef