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  1. I've heard that cortisone shots work very well to kill big cysts, but how about a cortisone cream? Anyone tried it?
  2. It doesn't look like a cyst. I always thought cysts were bigger. At least mine are. Anyway, for cysts that hurt I usually apply Neosporin. It completely takes away the pain. It also shrinks the pimple in size as well I believe. Using an icepack would also help a lot. It will decrease the size and inflammation. I usually pop all my pimples. I don't think it's bad as long as you do it at the right time. Make sure before you pop it that you KNOW there will be pus coming out, and stop as
  3. You need to go to a dermatologist. I think you should first try antibiotics. If that doesn't work for a while, then accutane - last resort.
  4. I have a slightly raised scar that is about 2 weeks old. It is from a cyst that I played with too much. Should I get a cortisone shot to reduce it? It's pretty small, but the discoloration has been bothering me. I've heard hydroquinone works on flat hyperpigmentation, but would it work on a raised scar to at least reduce the discoloration?
  5. I had a cyst about a month ago and I picked at it too much. I regret it. Now I have a scar. It is raised a little, but that doesn't really bother me. The discoloration bothers me. It is darker than the rest of my skin. Will the discoloration go away on its own? If not, should I get a hydrocortisone shot? Also, I have hydroquinone in my house. I've heard it works good for discoloration of flat skin, but would it work on a raised scar? Any other tips?
  6. I didn't go to school yesterday or today because I have a huge inflamed pimple. I think it is better today than yesterday but it's still bad. I got some of the pus out but I think I hurt the skin pretty bad when I popped it. Now it is really red and big. I am dying to go to school I don't want to miss another day. I don't care about the redness as much as I do about the big lump. Should I use ice or warm compression? Also, I have Differin, Duac, and Neosporin? Which would be best?
  7. Your dry skin could possibly be due to using a face wash twice a day. I think it is best to do that only once a day at most. I used to shower only in the mornings. I had bad acne because all the dirt, etc. from the day would stay on my face all night and I would wake up with whiteheads/small pimples in the morning. I also tried showering twice a day and that was the worst because I would get terrible cysts. My skin is very sensitive and showering irritates it extremely. Now I just shower
  8. They got worse? Dang. I have 2% hydroquinone and the marks are brown.
  9. I know that people say it is dangerous, but my mom is a doctor and thinks 2% is safe. She's also talked to some dermatologists and they all say that 2% really is safe. I've used Meladerm (which didn't help) and tried chemicals peels (which left more hyper pigmentation). I think I want to try hydroquinone now. Has anyone used hydroquinone?
  10. Very nice. It gives hope to a lot of people. How did you get rid of the color that pimples leave? I have cleared a lot of my acne, but the discoloration after won't go away.
  11. They are really hard to tell, I agree. I'm really not 100% sure I have folliculitis. One of the reasons I think I have it is because when I started taking minocycline or doxycycline, (can't remember which one I'm taking), my face acne dramatically decreased but my body acne didn't change. If anything it got worse. Another reason is that the the cause of my body acne (cysts, nodules) is primarily irritation. They are all just about inflamed. When I did grappling mma and school wrestling last y
  12. I know there is a pinned thread about this, but I thought I'd make another so more people would be aware. I read a little about folliculitis and I realized that my "body acne" is actually folliculitis and not acne. They look similar so it can be hard to tell. I'd recommend all of you to read about it because you may have it. If you read about the symptoms, you should be able to distinguish if you have acne or folliculitis. We can use this thread to share some treatments. Something interestin
  13. Oh. It seemed like an attack to me though. If I grow up and choose not to have kids because of acne and someone says that it makes little sense, I will be offended. The person doesn't know what I'm going through. Honestly I don't even care about my face acne. It's generally clear, but I do get like 2 cysts a week. I have little break outs, but I don't even count them because I'm so used to them (even though some people I know would freak out over them). And I have very bad marks on my face becau
  14. I agree with this completely. There are so many things to consider. I believe in situation ethics and the individual person should consider all the factors in his and his potential child's life (where the child will grow up, how much money you have, siblings, will he have a married mother and father, etc.) I know this topic was devoted to the general discussion of whether you should have kids or not based off of acne, but I think a topic like this emphasizes the acne issue and suppresses all
  15. Good topic here. To make the discussion more interesting, I want to add. The beginning of this post might not seem relevant to this topic, but it comes into play. The word "illogical" is being used to attack beliefs. The only relevance logic has to human thinking is through rational thinking. example: If you want to go downstairs, it is logical to take steps down the stairs rather than jump down at one. It is also rational. The rationality of it is based off of the logic that you would could ge